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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Danny12357</b></div><div>This trade is both what frustrates me about Bergevin and has to admit he's made good moves.

This move is a slam dunk for a rebuilding team. Turning a 4th and some cash into a 2nd and conditional 4th in just over a month is a very nice bit of asset management. If Bergevin would just be more all in on rebuilding, I think he has the creativity to really do a lot to turn things around. Montreal has a great prospect pool, but this team has cap space they wont need for this year and next, and players who aren't likely to be part of the eventual success. Instead they have a lot of middle six forwards and useful D that are stopping them from getting to the basement and the GM seems to suggest that it's playoffs or bust each year.

If you were to grade his moves over the last couple of years purely on their own, I think he has done a great job rebuilding, just don't tell him that he's rebuilding.

With the prices what they are this year, hopefully he can turn Petry, Tatar, Armia, and/or Danault into a haul. He could even retain salary to pump up the value on any of these guys if he wanted to.</div></div>

Petry and/or Tatar: Maybe if the right offer presents itself. Petry has a modified NTC, and he has been here for five years now. He may be crying à la Dillon if he goes. But the value of defensmen is sky high right now. The value of Tomas Tatar might never be higher right now, and teams might bite, because he plays the best hockey of his career in Montreal. No way Bergevin trades Danault. He is a late bloomer who is improving every year and nobody can replace his duties in the faceoff departement. And I think Armia may be traded next year, not this year. He is one of the rare tall forwards in a Canadiens organisation full of small forwards. Kovalchuck, the sooner the better. Especially with the way he has been playing over the past five games. He has been invisible on the ice.
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