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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Chapee44</b></div><div>He has no leverage for the grievance. It'll never get filed. The doctors and the CBA are on the side of the Sabres. He'll never get the surgery he wants with the Sabres.
On top of that, if he files the grievance and loses, the Sabres can suspend him so that this year doesn't count towards his contract. That leaves him property of the Sabres indefinitely. That threat has already been given.
There's no reason for the Sabres to rush when everyone knows he wants out. Just Wait for someone to bite.</div></div>

Not sure i completely agree, i think he could get the adr today if he wanted to accept the responsibility if it goes sideways on him. Basically- he was asking the sabres to sign off on adr, because they would be on the hook for the 50 million owed to him (insurance would not be obligated to cover the 40 million or so he is insured for) if worst came to worst. If he just gets it done on his own, the sabres certainly dont void his contract if hes healthy and can play, the trick is they CAN void his contract if he cant play. So if hes so sure that adr is the way to go, just get it done without asking the sabres to pay him if hes wrong. And if he had any real legal recourse, he would have done it, filing a grievance is just banging pots and pans, the nhlpa can ask the sabres to underwrite this, but theres no obligation. Also, last point, the sabres arent retaining, i dont wanna say at all, but basically they have indicated they will take back salary as short term cap dumps, but theres no indication that retention is in the cards.
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