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<strong>Detroit doesn't need RHD.</strong> Tyson Barrie would be a 3rd pair RHD on Detroit. <strong>He would certainly be behind Seider</strong> and most likely be beaten out of the 2nd pair spot by Hronek. Trading a young 3rd pair RHD for one leaving his prime years and making 3.7M more doesn't seem like a Yzerman decision.

In fact, Detroit doesn't need any more defensemen. They have 2 NHL ready prospects that might crack the lineup this year: 2021 1st rounder #6 overall Simon Edvinsson and 2019 2nd rounder Albert Johansson (who played pro in the Swedish Elite League the past few seasons). Yzerman likes making prospects earn a spot (like Raymond who was thought to be headed to the AHL before training camp last year but ended up 4th in the ROY voting). While Johansson may be more of a long-shot to skip the AHL and North American rink adjustment time: it's not outside the realm of possibilities. Then there is 2018 2nd rounder Jared McIsaac who finally showed the ability to stay healthy. Followed by 2020 2nd rounder William Wallinder. Plus 2020 3rd rounder Donovan Sebrango who put up a surprisingly good AHL season. With so many prospects a veteran bottom 4 RHD should be easily obtained on the trade market costing less than future draft picks.

Detroit just signed 2 defensive-minded LHD and if they really wanted another RHD---why waste the assets when one lingers on the free agent market and would cost them no assets as they still have cap space. They could sign him to a 1 year deal with a full NTC with the understanding that he picks his playoff team at the deadline.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Octopus_Guy</b></div><div>Tkachuk is a great player that I'd love to see on the Wings but that's a quantity for quality trade that leaves no cap room for the Wings to extend Larkin or Bertuzzi.
That's a lot of assets to give up. Unless Wings can contend for a cup this season I wouldn't do it.
I don't like them trading away 2023 1st.

I feel like Bert would have to be a piece that goes to Calgary just for cap space.
I'd rather keep Bert. Bert is like a budget Tkachuk. He doesn't score as much as Matthew but costs half the price with similar gritty play.</div></div>

<strong>Much rather have Tkachuk than 'lil Bert.</strong> Tkachuk will be turning 25 while 'lil Bert will be turning 28 this season. That's entering your prime vs having 1 year left. 40 goals and 100 pts is a huge difference to 30 goals and 60 points.

<strong>I feel like it is Bert or Vrana </strong>that would have to be part of the package.

Package would look like:

Bert or Vrana +
Hronek or Zadina+
NHL ready prospect if Zadina OR a Tier 2 prospect if Hronek+
2024 1st round pick

The Wings should not be trading away the 2023 pick if they are lottery bound given the draft's prize player.

Calgary was put in a position of weakness given that everyone knows Tkachuk is now going to follow Gaudreau out of town. This was done after free agency further diminishing the amount of trade partners available with open roster spots. Furthermore, the leaked list of Tkachuk's preferred destinations are a bunch of teams with little cap room OR teams that need to reserve cap space to pay guys that will be coming off club control and ELC's.