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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Hockey_Hippy</b></div><div>So Carolina let in 10 less goals than Toronto did last year so that whole defense thing you're talking about is bullsh*t

There is enough cap space there to add 1M to Liljegren and 500,000 to Raanta, but my feeling is you will not have to spend all of it if any of it at all.</div></div>

1) I call BS on your Toronto is equal on defense BS.
Last season: regular season
total defense rankings (Car #2 vs Tor #7), GAPG (Car 2.56 vs Tor 2.68), shots against per game (SAPG) (Car 26.00 vs Tor 29.51), PK% (Car 84.38 vs Tor 81.85).

Now look when it really matters:
Playoff defense rankings GAPG (Car 2.53 vs Tor 3.18), SAPG (Car 28.87 vs Tor 31.82) , PK % (Car 84.09% vs Tor 73.33%)

Toronto let in 21 in the 1st round (vs CAR's 15) , 15 in the 2nd round (vs CAR's 14 with 8 of those coming in a bad loss), and then 10 in the conference finals. You as a Leafs fan must be confused about the fact there is a round that follows the 2nd round of the playoffs--I assure you there is.

Show me a Maple Leaf that got Norris votes last year. I can show you two Hurricanes: Burns and Slavin. Go ahead tell me how Slavin is an offensive juggernaut.

So what did the Hurricanes do to improve their outstanding defense (of Burns, Slavin, Pesce, Skjei, and Chatfield--well, they signed <strong>Dmitry Orlov</strong> from the Bruins (the only defense ranked higher than them last year) and then reacquired a d-man that was +30 and put up 51 points with them the year before on a 1 year prove it contract (<strong>Anthony Deangelo</strong>).

...but yeah keep telling me their equal and a goalie will jump ship to make the same amount of money when the cap is going up in July of 2024.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>pavelisgoat</b></div><div>It would be a draft day trade, with the board having to shake out in a way that made sense for us to not pick at 9. But 15 and 25 either way are easily ahead of 9</div></div>

No actually, #9 and the players available are in a whole different tier than #15---if the picks go anywhere close to as expected. Then you have the Wings eating a huge salary and doing a pick swap of a 2nd for a 1st. Doesn't seem the best use of assets. Klingberg isn't going to want a short term deal at his age.

Beyond that the best they can hope for is Matvei Michkov falling because of KHL/3 yr commitment issues.

Next would be: Dalibor Dvorsky(perimeter shooter with lack of NHL speed so will be limited to a winger in the NHL). Offensively talented with both wrist shot and one timer accuracy. Uses his size to win puck battles and compete. Could be a 1st line winger.

Then the tier below:
Ryan Leonard (shoots right. college commitment to BC) is more a responsible 200 foot RW'er that has skill (hands) with physicality but won't be great offensively or defensively as he lacks playmaking skills (vision) and size (5' 11.5"). 2nd line RW'er. His player comparable is Artturi Lehkonen.

Oliver Moore has speed (best skater in the draft with NHL elite edgework) and a bit of scoring touch (but will be more of a 2nd line winger/#3 centre). He should be available. He is the USNTDP 2nd line centre and is on PP2 and PK1. His player comparable is Jean-Gabriel Pageau.

Gabe Perreault (lack of NHL speed so NHL winger) broke Auston Matthews' USNTDP single season point record (but so did Will Smith). Great stickhandler. Can score. projects as a 2nd line winger. Player comparable Lucas Raymond.

Brayden Yager(high end shot) all-situations center. Hasn't put it all together yet as his scoring didn't materialize this past year (lacks vision to get it through). Middle six player. Player comparable Vincent Trocheck.

You do realize this is Detroit's last year to take advantage of UFA with other teams hampered by the Covid escrow cap restrictions? Look for them to be active on that and in the trade market (where they have excess draft capital).