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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>AndrewPawlack</b></div><div>Yeah obviously GSAx isn't going to calculate <em>everything</em> which is why I don't favorite it too much but also don't ignore it. But if you want a prime example and idk maybe I can get your opinion on this since it hits home.


Gru has just been worse this year. Goaltending is the most volatile position from year to year by a landslide. He was good last year but hes been bad this year, I havent watched every SEA game but even by the eye test hes been much worse from what ive seen. There are very few goalies who perform well every single season, imo in general if a goalie has had a good GSAx overall for the last couple years I would consider them to at least have the ability to be a good goalie right now, even if they are not playing well currently. But for goalies who have been consistently in the negatives in recent years then its probably very unlikely they will bounce back

Overall I think GSAx does a good job of correcting for quality of scoring chances. On average I think even if the xG model is flawed the errors will be distributed evenly between all goalies so GSAx relative to each other should still be a pretty good indication of who has played better. There are many goalies with high GSAx who play on below average defensive teams (WPG is 5th last in xGA/60, Hellebuyck is at +0.453GSAx/60) and there are also many goalies with a low GSAx who play on good defensive teams (SEA is 9th in xGA/60, Gru is at -1.035GSAx/60)
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