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Forum: Armchair-GM 4 oct à 2 h 40
I dont think the Flames would want Hickey honestly. Yes they'll probably lose Brodie and Hamonic but with Valimaki back in the fold, and assuming they keep Gio and Hanifin (despite all the trade talk around him), they got no real need for him. That 2M would be spent better elsewhere (perhaps towards a goalie?)

Leddy to the Kings makes sense, especially at that price. Dude can still play defense, and has like 2 years left, so it wouldnt be much of a burden to the Kings considering their financial situation. They also need defenseman to use as a stop-gap for their prospects after trading Muzzin and Martinez over the past two years. I do think they can leverage a 6th or 7th out of New York though (every draft pick counts).

I think Pulock AAV goes higher, Barzal deal makes sense to me considering the recent trend of RFAS signing bridge deals, and I think Toews would come in higher too. I do see Greene and Martin back in NY aswell. Bobby Ryan is interesting, I think he'd appreciate a culture like the Isles. But I do think he gets more than league min.

Komarov for Gaborik is interesting, the question for me is how much Leo is getting paid in actual cash considering Melnylk. I think the fit is there especially considering the connection between DJ Smith and him dating back to their Toronto days but I dont necessarily think Melnyk would do it. Dorion did give the Leafs a third for paying Zaitsevs signing bonus.

Honestly, I think the best move for the Isles would be to rid themselves of Boychuk and maybe even Clutterbuck (theyd probably retain on Clutterbuck) in the same trade. I dont like trading firsts to get rid of contracts especially after how the Marleau trade went down for us, but it might be worth a shot.

Quick question: Hows Oliver Wahlstrom coming along? Just curious to where he is.
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