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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Herb_Brooks</b></div><div>the fact that hits was the only stat stated about the incoming guys tells you all you need to know</div></div>

It seems to tell me that you don't know how to use the Internet to look up other stats on your own or perhaps that you missed the point of this CapFriendly team? The statement at the very start of the description of this post mentioned the perceived need to get more physical to be "playoff ready". Hence hits is the stat I chose to highlight for the incoming players.

If you are at all familiar with these players, they are anything but one-dimensional. I mean, if the Leafs want they can certainly spend more assets to bring in more of exactly what they have already, likely for a single playoff run, however that would be the equivalent of trying the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

By no means do I think the Leafs will hit their way to a Stanley Cup, but if you have paid attention to the playoffs (beyond when the Leafs get eliminated each year) you will note that there is a need for a hard forecheck and playing "big" (you don't necessarily need to be big just play without fear). You could think of it as being tough to play against throughout the grind of the playoffs. It wears teams down over the course of a series.

These moves add that element, while maintaining (and supporting) the players that drive the long bar charts on the analytics side of the equation. I would argue it makes it easier for those players to drive play when they don't also feel like if they don't have it that night the team has nothing to bring or swing momentum.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>EvanderKanesLawyer</b></div><div>I had a Leafs fan rip my head off and dismissed my opinion because I suggested that Jeannot would be a good fit for the leafs, seeing as they need more bottom 6 physicality.

I wouldn't mind this move, but we'd probably rather part with a pick.</div></div>

The problem with having such a large fanbase is that there are a lot of different attitudes and ideas about what this team needs. Do a Twitter search for Kyle Dubas and see just how fragmented this fanbase is when it comes to what has been done, what needs to be done, what the team's needs are, etc.

Jeannot is essentially a wager, a gamble. When acquiring him, you are hoping this season is a hiccup and he continues to progress as a power forward in the future. At minimum he checks the needs boxes for a physical winger that can skate with this group and won't cost a lot on the cap short term. Ideally the Leafs would acquire him and sign him to a 3-year extension deal between 900k and 1.5M, which takes him through the end of Tavares contract and if he has proven himself a top power forward at that time, then there will be cap to pay him appropriately (between a rising cap and money coming off the books). There is, sadly, a real possibility that Bunting will have priced himself out of Toronto by the end of this season (similar to Hyman). If so, Jeannot could slide into that spot with a similar cap hit, at least as an experiment, to see if riding shotgun with Matthews and Nylander/Marner boosts his production in a similar fashion. Whether he goes "Bunting" or goes "Ritchie" is hard to predict. He would have the added benefit of keeping the flies off Matthews and company in the top-6 as well (the non-stop cross checks to 34's ribs and back would end quickly). Topi Niemelä or a 1st rounder is a high price to pay for a gamble, but if it pays off the Leafs will have found the unicorn power forward they have wanted (and the fanbase will fall in love with their new "blue collar hero").

It just seems unlikely Dubas will make a long term gamble like that with so much at stake this season.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Dominot</b></div><div>In terms of prospect, maybe Abruzzese or SDA?

Call me delusional, but I feel that Barbashev can be for the Leafs similar to what Lehkonen was for COL in their championship run.
We saw in 2022 that Barbashev has great offensive potential and that can definitely be utilized more by playing 2nd line with JT and Marner.

Lehkonen wasn't exactly the biggest threat offensively in MTL because he was on the 3rd line, but coming to a contender did wonders for him.
I think that would help with someone like Barbashev.
Maybe that's just wishful thinking on my part.

And yeah, maybe you can't enough defensemen considering the Leafs blueline woes this season.</div></div>

Fair. Seems my NSH trade fell through so we can move Abruzzese out instead. I just don't see him as working his way into the Leaf lineup next season, but he could in STL as they begin to retool.

The Lehkonen comparison is a good one, though it seems like every playoffs some players just seem to catch lightening in a bottle and out perform expectations. We saw that in the TOR/TBL series last season with Nick Paul as well. If Barbashev had more history of performing like he did last season, I would be more inclined to pursue him. It all depends on the ask from STL ultimately. He might be a better free agent gamble as he could likely be signed without much term at a reasonable contract in a "prove-it" type deal (and the Toronto top 6 is a great place to prove yourself and get paid - ask Bunting this summer).
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Just_A_Guess</b></div><div>It's honestly a value that's tough to pinpoint imo. NA &amp; NR just really don't do anything for us (or me anyway, I won't speak for everyone) and the 3rd is a longshot. We honestly probably won't move him unless it's an overpay.

We need a legit top 6 winger but we have quality prospects waiting in the minors who could easily fill that void. We also need another quality, young RD which I see you guys have... While I doubt you'd want to pay it, we're probably looking for something that equates to the value of a 1st round pick minimum otherwise we'll just sharpen pencils and sign him ourselves hoping he returns to form.</div></div>

Nick Robertson, once upon a time, could have filled that top 6 winger need but he is now in reclamation project territory thanks to his injuries. The Leafs still need a top-6 LW of their own so we aren't a good match there.

When it comes to young RHD, our prize jewel is Topi Niemelä, who is currently playing in the Finnish League and likely to come to North America next season. Highly skilled offensive minded D, who won top D at the World Juniors a couple of years ago IIRC. I doubt our GM would part with him for Jeannot though, especially since he would be fighting for 4th line minutes on the Leafs, it would have to be for a more solidified player. I suppose we can let you sign him and see if he continues to stutter offensively and try to nab him at a lower price later or find an alternative. Most of the older fanbase in Toronto has a bit of a thing for rough and tumble players from Saskatchewan (probably because of some guy named Wendel in the 80s and 90s).
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Dominot</b></div><div>Chicago trade seems fair. Might need to add a late round pick for the retention.

Nashville easily rejects. Jeannot's contract is highly valuable and he's a player that's hard to find these days.
It'll be an overpay to acquire him.

That's an overpay for Acciari. 3rd and 5th is fine for a 3rd/4th line C. No need to add Hirvonen.
If that's the case, I'd go after Barbashev instead who is a better fit to fill the Leafs' glaring hole at LW.

Anaheim trade doesn't help either team. Leafs have enough capable defensemen right now.</div></div>

Jeannot deal is more of a pipe dream, I know it is unlikely that NSH has any desire to part with him for actual value. If Roberston was healthy (it happens on occassion) I would have included him.

I have a feeling Acciari will draw more interest from more teams at the deadline since he is affordable for most cap-tight contenders which may drive up his price. Happy to remove Hirvonen, but need to move a contract out since we're at 50 with a signed Knies - suggestions? Personally, I'm not sold on Barbashev, he'd cost more and hasn't had a great season this year if I recall correctly. I feel Domi fills that LW hole better, at least in the short term and helps with that lacking NHL top-6 C depth for the Leafs after 34 and 91.

There's never "enough" capable D if there's a long playoff run. But the depth D deals are just examples, there will likely be other similar options out there as well.
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