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Forum: Armchair-GMSun at 1:42 pm
Sujet: Offseason
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>pensfan21</b></div><div>I know we've disagreed in the past about his value for trades, but I have to agree with you on McCann here. Completely stupid move trading him in my opinion and leaves me really worried about management and the future of the team. I would have been fine trading him if it was to protect Tanev or because they knew the Kraken were gonna take him, but doing so and then protecting Carter makes no sense at all to me. Carter is on record saying he would retire if he goes to the Kraken and I just don't see any way that they would take him. It's so frustrating that we're going to loose McCann and Tanev for basically nothing. If they we're gonna leave both exposed anyways then I wouldn't have been happy with that, but do it and move on. Now we loose both probably, which was completely unecessary. Hextall said he was going to do that, let them take a player and move on, but he did exactly what he said he wouldn't. I get that this could free up cap space loosing both of them, but they're not the players that should have been used for that. Pettersson, Zucker bring less value than those two, have a bigger cap hit, and are more replacable. Tanev and McCann both bring a lot to the team that will be tougher to replace and now we're gonna loose both basically for free.</div></div>

I agree man. I like Carter. But to trade a 25 year old in his prime for a 35 year old Center. Makes no sense to

They said, they wernt gonna make it worse. They know they are gonna lose a good player and just deal with it.

I don’t know why they wouldn’t just let them take McCann and move on. Makes no sense.

If they take Zucker amd we get the needed cap space, then all Is well!! Great. But if they take ZAR, which is most likely in my opinion. Then we just lost 2 of our cheapest options, 2 young players in their prime. And we saved nothing on the cap b/c ZAR is a RFA.

It’s surprising that the Leafs left McCann unprotected. I can’t see Seattle not taking him. I guess it’s why the price was so cheap. But then, all the Leafs lost really was Hallander and a 7th. So they still did well. Or maybe they have a deal with Seattle to leave McCann and Kerfoot alone and that’s why McCann was cheap. We’ll see.

I’m interested to see what happens. If they take Zucker. All is well, we then gained a lot of cap room and Hallander. I would be ok with that. If they take ZAR or Tanev, it was a complete disaster.

I would like the Pens make a deal with Seattle to take Price or J.Quick and trade them to Pens retaining some of their salary.
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Sujet: Offseason
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Sujet: Offseason
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Pens2000</b></div><div>hallinder was also the pens 2nd round pick in 2018(?) i believe</div></div>

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Pens2000</b></div><div>ya i corrected myself after, hallinder is now their best prospect, i think he can contribute in a couple years. the 7th really bothers me tho. i thought mccann could fetch a 4th at least. Holl would've been a good add too but the leafs prob would want more than just mccann if he was included</div></div>

Yes. Hallander is a very good prospect. It’s not the Point. We just made it worse...again. Now Kraken are gonna take ZAR or J.Carter or Tanev. We are gonna protect, Sid, Geno, Guentzel, Rust, Kappy, Blueger, J.Carter or Tanev.

We should have just lost McCann. We made it worse. Exactly what Hextall said he wasn’t gonna do.

Hallander was the prospect Leafs fans should have be clambering for to be ready. He can start off as a bottom 6 LW and eventually move up to a top 6 role like Hyman, B.Rust both did. He’s that type of player.

Not like Nic Robertson, who Is a top 6 or bust. He’s not big enough, physical enough, good enough defensively to play on a legit NHL 3rd or 4th line.

And play-off/contending teams don’t have time for a prospect to get his feet wet and find his footing on the 3rd-4th line and move up. Points are too valuable and hard to come by in the NHL.

Robertson has to fit in with Matthews/Marner, or JT/Nylander. He has to make that jump and be ready to be a top 6 and produce there. Or he’s a bust. So get him ready in the AHL if he’s not ready now.

Like I said, leafs don’t have time to be worrying a prospect development now. Although it’s important. It’s not or shouldn’t be one of their top priorities.

Hallander scouting report...copy and pasted.

Hallander was drafted as a center but has played predominantly on the wing in the last couple of years. He has plenty of attributes that would allow him to be effective in the middle but likely projects as a winger in the NHL. Currently listed at 6’1″ and 190lbs, he’s already a big kid who uses his size to win battles down low and still has room to add strength to his frame. He moves well for his size, and while he’ll never be confused with the player he was traded for, he has decent speed.

Touted as more of a responsible two-way forward, Hallander’s vision and finishing ability are perhaps a bit undersold. He’s adept at finding teammates in open space off the rush, as well as off the cycle and isn’t shy about getting into the dirty areas of the ice to retrieve a puck or bang home a goal from the blue paint.

Hallander has that puck hound mentality, always hunting for takeaways in all three zones. He has good hands that allow him to not only swipe pucks from opposing players, but make a play with it afterwards. He thinks the game at a high level and has the versatility to play a variety of roles up and down the lineup while contributing on both special teams units.

There’s some untapped offensive potential in Hallander as well. He’s a great net front presence and will cause his share of havoc in the crease, but he’s got a good shot as well.

Hallander is a nice addition the Leafs’ prospect ranks and provides something that many of the Leafs’ other top prospects aren’t known for. Overall, he’s a a reliable two-way forward who should be able to slide up and down the Leafs lineup in the future as something of a Swiss army knife. He’s not likely to be an offensive star but the Leafs have plenty of star power up front already, and a player like Hallander could make them a bit less one-dimensional.

Patric Hörnqvist and Alex Killorn are some players that come to mind when I think of Filip Hållander's NHL potential.
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