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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>GenXHockey</b></div><div>So our defence was the reason for the exit? No it has been great. I don’t know why you’re concerned about mccaan. Figured you’d hate a soft analytics player like him.</div></div>

Will just quote the guy because he nailed the point i was making with that statement :

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>draft_em_sign_em_trade_em</b></div><div>If Holl is your 2nd best RHD than you're team fails to get pass the 1st Rd. Proven fact.</div></div>

So, to answer your "hipotetical " question first, no it wasnt the D, it was actualy great, thanks to Muzzin ( once more ) and to Brodie being Dr. Jekyll ( you briefed me on him 2 years back, so i hope you know what im talking about ) and the honorable mention of everybodys non-favourite Bogosian, so there was one guy in each pair that was able to excel in his own end and make possible Campbell panned out as second coming of Hasek.

This years exit was caused by MTLs tactic to completely shut down first two "super" lines and our bottom six couldnt deliver, they performed same drill on both WPG and VGK till they ran into TBL, which throwing around 1st picks for 3rd Liners proved to be superior mindset to win the Cup, twice. Also Keefe failed when after 3-1 lead he didnt stripped Matthews off his checking experiment and told him to be Matthews 2019, so standing on the top of face-off circle with his stick in the air. It would end 4-1, but kid fatigued down because for being Ovechkin type of GOAT, you need a lot of stamina and he just wasnt ready conditions-wise, yet.

As for McCann case, im not hard on him as much as im soft on Holl. When Dubarelli fleeced PIT for the second time within one year and they signed Dermott my guess was :

TML goes 7-3-1 after fleecing for McCann, which smelled like finishing the TBL-experiment and leaving to SEA : F are Engvall &amp; we know how Spezza draft would end, D are Holl and Dermott and G would be Hutchinson.

Hopefully Hakstol is blindsided about Holl as much as 95% of TML fan base, him being "TOP 4 D", so they pick him, Dermott fills next to Jake "the workhorse" Muzzin with same effect and for 500k less and also 5 years longer or even Liljegren can finally jump up, cause even Zaitsev looked decent next to Muzzin. So all in all, if they took Holl, Dermott fills in, if they took whoever else, "TOP 4D" stays and 95% fan base is happy

Andersen signed 2 x 3,8M, so he pushes his shares back up, finally playing behind decent D and being back to 2,38 GAA instead 2,8 GAA as he was in those years behind....., well you know behind what

Foligno signed 2 x 2,6M, orelse this years TDLs "all in" was one of the dumbest ive seen in last years where you shed 1st for a 33y old rental, where Hall costed 2nd ( i read he will be MIN, so that TBL-like experiment just fell flat )

2021 / 2022

Mikheyev - Matthews - Marner........it went well till kid cut his wrist
Galchenyuk - Tavares - Nylander......it went well till infamous Overtime pass failure
Kerfoot - McCann - Foligno..............attempt of channeling Goodrow - Gourde - Coleman
Simmonds - Semyonov - Spezza.....and Brooks

Rielly - Brodie......................................tho i would "dump" Rielly for Sandin and bring another Muzzin over off-season
Muzzin - Dermott
Sandin - 1,6M left in my simulation

D is still far away from TBLs and to those who are backing the ED decision as "if we only lose 7th and Hållander, we are ok with Team left intact"....well that "intact Team" just failed in 1st Round....again

Holl is product of Muzzin and im really sorry 95% of TML fanbase cant see that. Hes 29y and he didnt just drink Red Bull last Season and turned into what most of you see as "TOP 4D" cause his "over-night wonder" completely coincide with him being Paired with Muzzin. That tandem works mostly cause Muzzin is busting his ass out at his 30y and makes Holl look like hes NHLer with 70% of job in that tandem being done by Muzzin. Last few Games against CBJ when Muzzin went down should make you people start to realise what i am talking about.

When i was preaching how Dubarelli needs to re-sign Muzzin cause hes the only "D from the books" in the Team, most of you were opposing me with fact how slow he looks and similar. believe me ( and i bet you can tell that by yourself too cause im not talking science here ) if you get fatigued that reflects on your stability, explosivness and all the other things connected to state of your body. Hes 30+ and if you ever stood on any "fighting surfaces" ( cant come out with proper english expresion, thinking of boxing canvases, tatami and such ) then you know how hitting, skating, blocking are wearing you off quickly....especially if you are the one thats doing 70% of them on 5 v 5 and 80% on 4 v 5 on your tandem. Wonder if he would fell so awkwardly against CBJ if otherwise....and this year....again, out in Game 6 with an injury, doubt WPG would fell without him in case they would advance

Holl is No6 D at most and his 2M are to much for that position, especially now with Dermott being 1,5M and you know you were one of main advocats how he can be as good on RD as anybody else on Team. Holl was just lucky the sun shined on him that day he was paired with Muzzin, otherwise we would be talking about Dermott only today and noone would even remember Holl was on Team. But then again....beggars cant be choosers, so....
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