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Forum: Armchair-GM5 déc. 2021 à 7 h 26
I still have faith in this team but not the coach. God love em, but it's time move on from PoMo. Jets have been known for drafting great prospects but not developing them so much lol. The stocks in the prospect cupboard is kinda bare at the moment. So I wouldn't move any of them. I would keep the team as is, with exception to some minor tweeks and line changes & a new bench boss.

Dump or Waive Nash & Belieau! Dead weight! There a guys on the Moose that have put in the time & are are more deserving of a roster spot on the big club. Call up Perfetti, Gustoff & Nogier. The D core is fine. If we trade anyone, i'd trade DDM for a depth forward and then call up Heniola, but then you gotta keep Perfetti down. If not trade DDM, keep Heniola down & call up Perfetti. Either way Perfetti & Heniola need ice time, so calling them up to sit in the press box or play 4th line/ 3rd pair minitues is pointless for their development.

Lines when/if healthy:

Connor - Dubois - Perfetti
Ehlers - Copp - Scheiflie
Stastny - Lowry - Wheeler
Svech - Gustoff - Vesy

Morrissey - Schmidt
Dillion - Poink
Stanley - DDM


Schiflie is getting back into the groove of things, but he is doing a terrible job winning faceoffs & we need more right handed shots on the RW. Wheeler at this point is a thrid line agitator/grinder not the top 6 power forward like he once was. And thats ok! Father time always wins & he will be very serviceable on the 3rd line. I think that 3rd line of Stastny, Lowry, Wheeler is great as these players are your prototypical 3rd checking line. Perfetti is gonna be a top 6 guy, so mind as well allow him to develop in the top 6 with Connor & PLD. PLD & Connor are playing so well together, injecting Perfetti in the top line, Jets won't loose any scoring as Perfetti learns on the job. Svech, Gustof, Vesy ... let the young guys on the 4th line fly around!