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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>WhoCares_ItsAFantasyGame</b></div><div>No but his past moves show how bad his hypothetical future moves will potentially be given his track record in understanding what a team needs to perform with a top line that any NHL team would love to have and be ready to trade a piece in order to ensure that the blue line will be as effective as the front lines. Dubas ain't that guy and is full of himself, he showed it in the series going after fans like an idiot. He's a GM of an NHL team, had he been at that level, he would've let fans scream whatever they want and not even given them a second look. He was frustrated by the team HE built over the years, and went off on fans of the opposing team. He has shown no ability to bring up a team while the window was there, and he has shown the attitude of a 5 year old.

This is what many have talked about for years about coaches who are unable to actually makes their teams better yet again and again get second, third, fourth teams to go in and mess them up. Dubas was a bad player agent, and bad GM..

I'm actually hoping he falls flat and makes the Pens lose this and next season so they can realize what they did and bring in someone with experience in seeing potential, seeing line efficiency, and capacity to bring in players who will mesh within the team strategies and play. Unfortunately the window for Crosby, Malkin and Letang to raise one more will probably be closed by then.

Heck, last year the Flyers were bad, they took in Brière from their farm team, are giving him a chance and he's got them mid-pack by making moves that will enforce a better team for Tortorella (Yes, I see that I talk about the old guard getting 50 chances from team to team and bring up a team that gave Torts a chance.. But he's working with a GM who's got more hockey and locker room efficiency sense than a guy who was GM for the past 5 years and took the position of President of Hockey Operations and GM of Pittsburg because he's so immersed in himself.

He should've just done what he was supposed to do and take the Presidency then hire a GM etc..

Look, I'm not trying to pick a fight or anything. While I'm a Habs fan, I also love the Penguins, LAK, COL, EDM, and Canucks. So if anything, I would've been happier had another team got him, like Calgary or Winnipeg, Sharks.. Whatever since they are not on my game watch list. I just hope the Pens can get someone who will see the current state and know that they need to start thinking about replacing Crosby, Malkin and Letang before they get hit with retirement news.</div></div>

No I know haha - no fighting here, just dude being bros talking about hockey lol. All I'm trying to say is that Dubas(and his acquisition of Karlsson) isn't the reason the Pens are where they are in the standings - they are a league average PP from being 2nd in the Metro. Dubas doesn't run the PP, that falls on the players and coaches. And also, I'm going to judge him based on the moves he makes. So far he's been fine. If he makes terrible moves in the future then I will point it out and agree with you.

Also, he can't even move Crosby, Malkin or Letang if he wanted to. All have full NMCs.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>WhoCares_ItsAFantasyGame</b></div><div>Look, I'm not hitting the Pens, I like the Pens. While their core is getting older (Crosby, Malkin, Letang), those three aren't a bunch of spoiled brats. They have contracts far below their normal value had they gone UFA and waited for the offers. they left money on the floor for others to join in, so kudos to Crosby for keeping the 87 number alive instead of signing for 10 or more last time.

Same for Gino who signed got 6.1$ and Letang also, all three may have gotten way more elsewhere, but they have a good thing and know they are well paid. While Dubas just came in, right now you may think he's good, but wait.. See what will start happening.. He'll start trading key piece players for "right now!" players but won't analyze the impact of what those players actually where doing to help win games. He goes for the guys who will put up good points, but cant recognize the talent you also need defending or players that do their thing on the 3rd and 4th lines. Once they are up for resigning, he'll give out way more cash than needed instead of trading out, and then it's the Toronto situation all over again. That's why the Leafs are screwed up... Yet they go and get the as worse GM of the league with Treliving.. Only god know why..

I'm hoping he won't repeat what he did to the Leafs in Pittsburg, I really do, but don't be surprised if suddenly he starts making dumb move based on a player's point per game instead of value of a type of player on each line.

In the offseason he played for Karlsson instead of adding better and more effective players that would actually help keep them in a series spot. Currently sitting at 12th when they should be higher than that with a prize possession like Karlsson coming in.</div></div>

We know you're not going after the Pens core players. We're just saying you can't really blame Dubas for the situation they're in, or for getting Karlsson. He's played great. Sure Dubas could make bad moves in the future, but you can't blame the Pens for hiring Dubas based on hypothetical bad moves in the future.

What better or more effective players could they have got instead? It's not like Dubas was sitting on 10mil in cap space and decided to sign Karlsson. Yes, they should be higher - but again, our point is you can't really put that on Dubas and/or acquisition of Karlsson.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>pensfan21</b></div><div>I think we need a net front presence for the third pair. Doesn't need to be anything crazy, but just someone who can protect our net better. POJ and Ruhwedle are fine, but I just think that is what the team is missing most so it's more about what type of player we need than them being bad. Peeke is good, Hakanpaa would be good too. Also think we consider moving Rakell. Like him a lot but if we could get two players that cost around 2.5, one for third line and one for top two lines I think that gives us way more depth.</div></div>

To each their own I guess. To me when goals have been scored against with the third pair on the ice it's more scoring off the rush or leaving guys open in the slot, as opposed to burying rebounds in tight or crashing the net or anything like that. But that's just going based on my memory - I don't have any data to back that up. So could be wrong. I'm perfectly fine with trying to upgrade the 3rd pair - and if that player is also good in front of the net, that's even better. Just not sure bringing a guy on solely because he's big and physical is going to make much of a difference. Also, working around the cap for an upgrade there would be pretty difficult imo. Basically I'm just saying I'd give POJ/Ruhwedel another shot before trying to force a trade, as I think their results were actually pretty good. Were they the best at clearing their net, no. But the results were good, even if neither of them are bruisers. Neither Pettersson or EK are good net front players either, and they've been dominant. I realize they are way better players haha, I'm just saying I don't think you necessarily need a net front guy on each pair

Criticisms of Rakell's scoring are fair, but I still think he's played fairly well overall and helped that line be as good as it it. I don't think he's been playing bad. That being said I'm not opposed to moving him at all - just might be tough to find a good trade considering his NTC and slow start to the season point wise.
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