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Forum: Armchair-GM18 août à 12 h 43
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Xspyrit</b></div><div>A lot of things doesn't work for Ottawa here :

- Center is really NOT a position of need with Stutzle, Norris, Pinto (+ Greig and Ostapchuk if there was a spot in the future)

- Sens don't have cap space, they can't ADD more salary

- Scheifele is really NOT the type of player the Sens need to add (all offense, no defense)

- Sens didn't want to trade Pinto for Chychrun (and DeBrincat I believe), which were more team needs. Why would they trade him now for an UFA to be that they don't need?

- Sens might not be very interested in trading another 1st round pick after they didn't have one for 2 years (3 if you count Boucher, which I do), particularly for an UFA-to-be

- If a small % of the rumors about Scheifele are true, he's really not the type of character the Sens would target

- Also wouldn't make sense for them to trade a young player for a 30 y/o who will want a huge contract that will make him overpaid in the near future

- No spot/interest in Stanley as well

Let's say you think Scheifele is an upgrade on Pinto, which he would be OFFENSIVELY, but then you have either him or Norris as the 3rd line center? That'd be quite the waste... Plus, there's already not enough PP time to share with everybody. Sens need to get better defensively, not worse.

Yes they are both vets but that's where the comparison stops, Giroux is a premium 2-way forward, aging like fine wine too

Scheifele is UFA-to-be and quite overrated (always among the worst defensive metrics). Any team paying a 1st (that could be anywhere) and a young player like Pinto will regret it. Plus there's no garantee he'd re-sign there

Even if there was cap space to acquire him, I wouldn't dangle any of Pinto, Greig, Kleven, 1st round picks.... It would be lower tier assets</div></div>

These defensive stats talk needs to be looked at a whole lot better by people if they are going to make false claims. The guy is a career + player in the NHL. Yes, the past 2 years have been a slide for him, but on a really poor defensive team. He is also the guy who sometimes slots in on the 4th line and that line gets beat up a lot because of lack of depth. He was also not that bad compared to others.

Jordan Kyrou -38
Johnny Gaudreau -33
Alex Debrincat -31
Nicklas Backstrom -25
Patrick Kane -22
Ryan O'Reilly -21
Alex Ovechkin -16
Mark Scheifele -16

These are all prominent players in the NHL and only Ovechkin scored 40 + goals last year and all of these players made more than Scheifele. Their are a ton more, but I will leave that for everyone to look up on their own.
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