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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>RazWild</b></div><div>It's an NHL player (Jost) more than what Fiala got, a 3rd asset more which is a big difference, and anyone who thinks Guerin was backed into a corner is an idiot. The alternative was simply to sacrifice depth in order to keep Fiala, which Guerin refused to do. That hardly means that he was backed into a corner or that he had no leverage.

The man literally stated he felt like he got fair value back for Fiala, which was all he was looking for.

As far as the cap goes, there's more cap certainty sure, but until it does go up... GM's will operate as if it will remain static. Handing out contracts and a players trade value are two separate issues and don't have anything to do with each other. The trade market of late shows that a player in Fiala's or Meier's position and caliber warrants a B-level prospect and a 1st.

Explain to me how a worse player in Meier is worth more than the return a better player in Fiala got back while as a RFA in need of a new contract?

Finally, I never said we did. My argument is strictly in disagreeing that a worse player should be worth more than what Fiala got</div></div>

I look at it this way: San Jose doesn't have to choose between Meier and depth, Minnesota did with Fiala. Meier isn't immediately in need of a contract like Fiala was and odds are, there isn't only one place that Meier will sign long term with like Fiala

San Jose has more leverage with Meier than Minnesota did with Fiala, that's not debatable. It doesn't mean Minnesota had no leverage but it's also not like Guerin just chose to get rid of Fiala just because. He had to make a call, and either way he went about it, the team's current roster was going to get worse on paper. San Jose doesn't have that kind of call to make. San Jose doesn't have to move pieces around/sacrifice talent to keep Meier like Minnesota would have

And again, the value is even. If you think this trade is worth more than what Minnesota got back for Fiala, that's fine. But please recognize that it is an unsubstantial amount more, meaning that it's really irrelevant.

The draft pick would be no lower than pick 17 (2 spots lower than LA's pick last year) but with Meier especially, it's likely a less valuable pick than that.

Consensus would show Faber &gt; Beckman

And Jost is a bottom 6er at best at this point. And he's on an expiring contract. He doesn't add much value

They are similar level players fetching similar value packages. And with what I've just tried to show you, even if Fiala is better and fetching less value back, how does that not make sense given the context?
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