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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>CakeEaterBanks</b></div><div>Re read the point I've made. I said Minnesota subtracted without adding. Adding only Kerfoot won't solve everything but its the issue the wild has because they subtracted without adding. You can't do that if your intention is to contend. Furthermore why resign Fleury if your intention is to not contend.

Plus like I said Boldy in the previous retort on the post Boldy was already ppg as a rookie. Unless body becomes a 90 point player this season and Rossi is a 60 point player out of the gate its unlikely they're replacing that production. Plus Hartman, Foligno and more had career years. Unlikely to replicate. If they do I'll happily eat my words.</div></div>

Rossi counts as an addition. He's not going to bring 85 points like Fiala did in the league's highest scoring season in what, 2 decades+? But he is goomg to help negate that loss.

The team also isn't in do or die, cup contention mode with 14M in dead cap. Kerfoot is about as likely to replace Fiala's production as Jost or Steel.

And even if the team was gunning for the cup for no reason this year, Kerfoot is still not a good target, especially at that price. You said it yourself, he's not going to replace that production. Hell, there's not a world where he could ever come close and that's not all, he limits the team's cap space if they do want to attempt to buy at the deadline again.

It's a bad move in every way possible (roster is full, the value is poor, it limits the team's cap space, etc) and helping Toronto seems to be at the very bottom of basically every single team's to do list.

And I believe it's you who needs to re-read. That production will be replaced by the future. In other words, that production is not a worry as cup contention is unrealistic and the prospect pool is stacked. There is no need to worry about Fiala's numbers as the team's best years are ahead of it
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