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I just want to throw my 2 cents in on a couple of your losses.

First, Dumba vs Fiala was not as simple as pick one to keep and trade the other. Fiala had trade value and also would be very difficult to fit within the cap for the next few years without trading multiple other assets. Dumba had (probably still has) zero trade value and is only under contract until the end of the year. What makes more sense - trade the player who can get you a solid return and not have to dismantle your team or trade the player you probably have to pay to move and have to trade of multiple other pieces over the next 2-3 years to stay under the cap and be able to re-sign RFAs like Addison and Boldy? Keep in mind, we didn't know about the new cap projections until a few weeks ago. This spring/summer, everyone was still under the assumption that we would just be getting another $1 million raise for the next couple years. It wasn't an ideal move, but the dead cap has us backed into a bit of a corner. Had we been able to get Parise and Suter 100% off the books instead of having to do the buyouts, it would be a completely different situation and Fiala would possibly still be here.

Second, trading for Jost made sense at the time. Sturm had just turned down a 5 year deal at $2.5 million per year. Clearly, he was going to be walking for nothing after last season if he wasn't traded. Guerin saw someone with a similar cap hit who could potentially use a change of scenery to help unlock the potential that made him a top 10 draft pick. Obviously Jost has not performed so it doesn't look great. Either way, he turned an expiring asset who clearly was not coming back into another asset. Had Jost come in and not had the worst season of his career so far, we'd be singing a different tune here. I don't think that trade was nearly as bad as others do.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>JayTea</b></div><div>It's possible, but he's still a bit of a mystery box though. We literally don't even know if he's a NHL quality center yet, he may end up being a winger. Preseason and AHL games are not foolproof ways of projecting where a player will end up.

If I was Guerin, Ek is absolutely unmovable unless someone like Connor McDavid is coming back. Ek is probably the 3rd best draft pick Fletcher made behind Kaprizov and Brodin imo. I'm a huge fan.</div></div>

I mean, I think it's fair to say he's going to stick at center in the NHL. At this point.

Everyone in management, the media, and professional prospect analysts like Wheeler and Pronman all think he’s going to stick there by this point in their writings. Yes, even Pronman whose always disliked Rossi for whatever reason thinks Rossi will stick at center.

And if you don't think he can stick at center, or that preseason can't be a barometer of whether he's ready or not, I would have to disagree with you on that. Last night's game against the Blues is the perfect example if someone can hack it or not.

The Blues basically iced their regular season lineup last night. While we sent out Dewar, Duhaime, Rossi, probably Petan (13th F) at forward. And Middleton, Addison, and likely Sustr (7th D) on defense. To what was going to be an easy expected loss, where we got creamed on the dot by the Blues center core. <strong><em>Except</em></strong> Rossi. Who finished the night with a 56 FO%, and did that lining up <strong><em>AGAINST RYAN O'REILLY </em></strong>!!!!

I don't know about you, but it still feels like ROR is <em>still</em> one of the better face off guys in the league still. Yeah, you can argue it's the preseason, so it doesn't count or that he wouldn't been interested/invested or cared. But preseason or no, he's not about to just let some snot-nosed punk beat him in the face off circle.

OK, I'll step down off my soap box now. 😅
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