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Forum: Armchair-GMil y a 8 heures
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>pharrow</b></div><div>Have you watched BOS play?
They hid Bergeron in the Ozone. Period. They know he doesn't have legs.
Compairing Malkin to Krejci you must be kidding me. Is +/-, which is a horrible state, really what compares players. Malkin had a very slow start but still has the same amount of goals and in way less games.
No one would confuse which of those two is the better player. His wheels are off. He's unable to carry a line and he's slowed.
Hell Bos probably isn't bringing him back next year unless it's at a massive discount, and even then I don't think they want him in a 2C role anymore.
Much like chara, who BOS fans swore up and down could still play, while the coaching staff knew he was done as they tried to hide him as much as possible, BOS knows it's time to get out of that.
As for Swayman , there are many players who have a good few game run, then they come down to earth. You don't know what you got there.
Of these two teams there is more young talent on the penguins than BOS. But like I said, it doesn't matter, because the real star power on both teams is aging out. No matter what way you want to try to slice that, BOS players are older and slower. That's what happens when both your C are 35 years old. Hell Bergeron is almost 36,
You can try to ignore the obvious but all you have to do is look at the stats. Bergeron use to start in the Dzone, shut the other teams best players down, then flip the puck to the Ozone.
Now he starts in the Ozone. He can't run the ice like that anymore. He doesn't have the legs to. They have had to cut the ice in half for him. Make him move less. Hide the fact he can't move well anymore.
He's not gonna chase down fast players anymore. It is what it is. Why you can't admit that is beyond me.</div></div>

Watched plenty of Boston games this year.
Not comparing Malkin to Krejci just defending him because you say he's not playing 200 ft game yet he's +14 and you say Malkin plays 200 ft game yet he is a - player. Never said who was better. +/- is not the be all and end all but it has merit.
Same with Bergeron. He is +24 yet you say he can't play a 200 ft game anymore yet Crosby is +6 but he can play a 200 ft game? Not saying who is better. Crosby is the man and has carried Pittsburg this year and should get MVP votes. Bergeron and Krejci are not the same players they were 10 years ago just like Crosby and Malkin, but don't diminish what they are doing this year because of your anti Boston bias. By your argument Boston has been so successful this year because Coyle and Kuraly/Lazar have been the difference makers at center ice?
Of course Bergeron and Krejci can't chase down fast players anymore but that's not what this is about. It's about still impacting the game positively for their team and it's about respect.
Just show some respect to two players who are still earning it.
This conversation is over.
Forum: Armchair-GMil y a 22 heures
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>pharrow</b></div><div>funny, Guentzel, Kapanen, McCann, Blueger, ZAR, Marino, Pettersson, Jarry, Poulin,, POJ, and Legare are all 26 and under.

I don't think you want to get into that argument, as the Pens clearly have better young talent than Bos. Cutting the age off at 25 is just a half ass way of trying to avoid that conversation.
Not that it matters, because both teams are in the same position. Aging stars. It's just Boston's are older and more in decline.
But that doesn't mean both teams don't have the same issue. But Malkin and Crosby can still play 200 feet games. You can't say that for Bergeron and Krejci looks like he's on his last leg.
Not to mention both your goaltenders are gonna be 35+ next season.
Swayman hasn't had a great sample size yet. 9 games don't mean anything.</div></div>

The only thing I will agree with you on is that both teams are in the same position right now.
I listed 4 players under 25 who are top6 top4 future1G, not everyone on team under 26 even if they are bottom6 3rd pair or even 3 non roster players. You are reaching.
You are so wrong to say Bergeron isn't playing 200 foot game. Have you watched Krejci play? Plus 14 and Malkin minus 4 so wrong there too.
Rask still playing at a high level. Watch him and look at the stats. It does not matter that Halak is 35+ because he won't be on the team next year.
You are right about one other thing. Swayman has not had a great sample size yet. You are wrong about 9 games not meaning anything. He will go through tough times like almost all young goalies but the eyeball test through those 9 games plus the stats do not lie.
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