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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Dekes</b></div><div>no cassidy is overrated he was given a great team and he butchered it, cassidys in game management was terrible and you cannot disagree with that plenty of times when we would be down a goal or 2 with only 3ish minutes left he would be playing the 4th line sorry but in the last 5 minutes when down a goal the 4th line shouldn't even be touching the ice.
Cassidy's gameplan never changed just like Julien his system got readible and easy to breakdown and he never changed a thing over the last few years are team has changed quite a bit yet he doesn't even try to change his system the slightest bit to adjust to the different styles our new acquistions strengths played too.

Cassidy was terrible with young players he never gave them their shot and when he did it was for a very limited time. guys like studnicka/ steen / senyshyn/ mclaughlin(this season) should have been given full time roles over players like wagner, kuraly, nosek and even lazar at some points.

i don't have a problem with cassidy holding players accountable but he was very picking with what players he did hold accountable he would blame our 3rd and 4th liners for our scoring troubles that is ridiculous, maybe a 1st and 2nd liners should be stepping up more or better yet maybe cassidy needs to adjust his system because it is so based on our 1st line carrying the team and it leavs the other 3 lines to starve. It says a lot though when highly respectable and easily coachable players like krecji and backes come out and speak badly about you and your coaching style then you have newer guys like debrusk and grzelcyk who also had problems with him and then bergy aswell even mentioned that the way cassidy treats some players is unprofessional. all cassidy sounds like to me is a lite version of tortorella and babcock and in their 40+ years of combined hockey coaching they only got 2 championships to show for it. Coaches who are overly emotional and don't hold themselves accountable aswell don't translate to much success

All of cassidys success was based upon that 1st line his whole legacy was created by them.

you give any other half decent coach that 2018-19 team hell even every team we have had from that time on and they would have the same success or better.

Cassidy's system is getting old it has not adjusted to the newer faster paced hockey and that is why it translated to a low amount of success, when sacco took over when cassidy had covid we went on a streak we played a more entertaining faster paced style of hockey and we scored a good amount of goals but when cassidy came back we went to that boring old defensive trap style of hockey he likes that gets torn apart by young strong offensive teams.

no one wants to watch a 1-0, 2-1 game that is just not how hockey is anymore. Cassidy who system revolves on the other team not scoring but guess what his system has tons of wholes that allow teams to score and then his offensive system doesn't have any motion to it and heavily relies on single handly beating your match-up</div></div>

Cassidy basically averages 50 wins a year for 6 years and you write that about him? That is a terrible take, full of untruths and narrative writing to an ugly extreme. You are entitled to your opinion but you are way off base. I will leave it at that.
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