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Bobcat’s Post Game Notes, Game 21

Jackets lose in a shootout to the Vegas Golden Knights.

-Since Bridgestone Arena decided to sh*t itself, our already very long home stand gets one game longer. Cool.

-Down goes Brendan Gaunce, in comes… Tim Berni? Of all of our defensive prospects, we bring in the guy I felt had the lowest probability of making the show. I guess Lars and Jarmo didn’t think any of Sammy, Ole or Stan were ready enough…

-Power plays for both sides pass with nothing happening. This has been boring…

-Two former Blue Jackets tag together to put the Knights on the board first: Jon Marchessault gets an assist on a William Karlsson goal. Wild Bill capitalizes on a weird rebound. Ouch.

-Around a minute later, William Carrier takes a routine wrister that gets by Tarry glove-side. Ouch.

-First period is over, and although we’re down, I can’t be mad. They’re not playing truly terribly, they’re just down. Let’s score some more, boys.

-The second period is starting to put me to sleep, please, for the love of god, one of you please just do something!


-A Knight gets by the defense, one on one with Tarry, but he makes the save. Enjoy your stay at Scary Tarry’s House of Horrors.

-Former Blue Jacket Keegan Kolesar gets sent off for boarding Trey Fix-Wolansky. Pick on someone your own size, man.

-Not long after that, Jack Eichel gets past the defense, but gets held up by Yegor Chinakhov. Off to the sin bin you go. Thankfully we kill that off going into the third.

-Johnny, to Gus, to Cap, tic, tac, toe behind Thompson. This game is tied.

-Both goalies make great saves within the final minutes to keep this game at a lock. We’re going to overtime.

-Gus gets a breakaway, but Thompson makes a rudimentary pad save. You can do better than that, Goose.

-Both goalies were hard as rocks (pause) so we’re off to a shootout. First shootout of the season! Let’s see how we do…

-After 7 rounds, Paul Cotter stick-handles to send us home on a sour note. At least we got the pity point?
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Bobcat’s Post Game Notes, Game 20

Jackets lose, 3-2 to the New York Islanders.

-Today’s notes are gonna be very special to me. On this day, I made the trek to Columbus to watch my first Blue Jackets game in person. Gonna be lit.

-Emil Bemstrom wasn’t doing as well as we had hoped. Back to Cleveland you go so you can continue kicking faces in. In his place comes Carson Meyer, a hometown boy that will probably be playing 4th line minutes.

-The inside of the NWA, for lack of a better term, is magical. I wanna do this more often.

-This has nothing to do with the game, but as I was waiting in line at the concession stands, a lady walked by with not “MERZLIKINS” on the back of her old Reverse Retro jersey, but just “ELVIS”. Apparently she couldn’t spell Merzlikins when she got it custom-made.

-Early power play: Casey Cizikas off for hooking. I finally got to yell “JACKETS <em>ON</em> <strong>THE</strong> <strong><em>POWER PLAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY</em></strong>” like the PA announcer in person.

-Rosie with a breakaway, but Sorokin slams the door. That was our first (and really only) good chance of the power play, and we don’t do anything with it.

-Boone’s off to the box for holding, but it didn’t look like holding to me. Let’s kill this off, boys.

-We do kill it off. Excellent work by Guddy in particular, making some quick clearances. Good stuff.

-…Oliver Wahlstrom scores on a harmless wrister that blows by Korpi. Ouch.

-As the first period dies…. I can’t really think of anything to say. We played pretty acceptably. Just gotta get back even…

-Oliver Wahlstrom gets sent off for stick-holding, but I really thought Boone was going off for slashing. Either way, we do nothing with it.

-Eric Robinson gets sent off for tripping (although Wahlstrom might have sold that). This is gonna be rough…

-Jean-Gabriel Pageau capitalizes off of an odd bounce to bury it past Korpi. Not much he could do there.

-We have a GOD-SENT opportunity to score, but Ilya makes a prone save. That man is gonna win the goddamn Vezina this year.


-Both sides got their licks in, but the refs jumped in and ruined the fun before we got to see someone fall. Draw.

-Wait, huh? We’re on a 5-on-3? Adam Pelech goes off for slashing, and Cal Clutterbuck goes off for interference. Capitalize, boys.

-<em><strong>BARTENDER, POUR ME A YEGOR BOMB!!! YEGOR CHINAKHOV SCORES HIS FOURTH GOAL ON THE YEAR! </strong></em>I got a good look at that one. That was BEAUTIFUL.

-33 seconds later: Kenny takes a slapper that blows right by Sorokin. This game is tied, and my voice is hoarse.

-Marcus Bjork and Casey Cizikas start shoving each other, and they both get sent off for roughing. 4-on-4 Hockey Time.

-…Brock Nelson scores on a wrister. It says on the scorer’s sheet that it was unassisted, but the real assist goes to #70, Joonas Korpisalo. Who was that pass even to?

-Literally IMMEDIATELY after Bjork gets out of the box, he takes an interference penalty. Back in the box he goes. You CANNOT play the puck until you completely leave the box. A rookie mistake.

-We had our chances, but didn’t convert because Ilya Sorokin is God himself. A close fought game, but just barely not enough.

-Although we lost, I had a f*cking BLAST. The NWA was rocking all game long, and it helped me forget that I was having to watch it while sitting next to my supportive, if not infuriatingly oblivious stepmother.
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Bobcat’s Post Game Notes, Game 18

Jackets win, 5-3 over the Florida Panthers.

-After last game, I sincerely hope this isn’t a return to the slump we had earlier in the year. At least this time, we have an excuse?

-Trey Fix-Wolansky gets the call-up for tonight, going in for Liam Foudy. Unfortunately he did not bring his aviator sunglasses. Give ‘em hell, Fix.

-Two goalies from Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo Oblast, Russia start on both sides: Daniil Tarasov for Columbus, Sergei Bobrovsky for Florida. Fun fact: one of Bob’s idols growing up was Daniil’s father, Vadim Tarasov, who played in the KHL and the league that came before it for years and years. It’s a small world.

-Jake Christiansen makes a clearing attempt that goes straight to, who takes a slapper that blows right by Dani. 1-0 Panthers.


-Marcus Bjork gets sent off for pulling down Carter Verhaeghe, but we kill it off with ease. I’m glad Florida’s power play really isn’t that great either.

-Yegor almost scores another, beating Bob again, but ringing it off the crossbar. That was close…

-We got outshot to the moon and back in the first, but we escape tied. Let’s hope we make some adjustments to play more offense than defense…

-Yegor on a rush towards the net, but noted *sshole Radko Gudas takes him out at the knees. We go on the power play.

-Kent Johnson takes a shot from the faceoff circle, and Boone gets the shaft of his stick on it to put it by Bob. We’re up by one. They gave it to Kenny, although Boone tipped it with the shaft (and it would have gone right into Bob’s glove had he NOT tipped it).

-A 3-on-1, Gus, to Cap, to Johnny Hockey, but Bobrovsky comes up large. That was 3-1 all the way, but the #1 Cop stops a crime in progress. God, do I miss him…

-Brendan, to Johnson, Kenny beats Bobrovsky five-hole, but he got too tight of an angle on it and missed the net. He was NOT happy after that one.

-Aaron Ekblad shuffleboards the puck past Tarry to tie the game with a couple minutes left in the second. Uh oh…

-Thankfully, we escape the second still tied. Still getting outshot to hell, but still tied.

-Reciprocating penalties, but one gets called: Mathieu Olivier gets crosschecked by Gus Forsling as he’s falling, and Forsling trips over Ollie’s foot. On to the penalty kill we go…


-Jonathan Ice Hockey takes an easy shot that beats Bobrovsky five-hole to put us up by 2. Now let’s get him to score on the road now..

-With 4-ish minutes left, the Panthers empty the net. They’ve given up.

-Aaron Ekblad hooks Captain Boone in a desperate attempt to stop an empty-netter. Off to the power play we go!

-Boone Jenner scores to make it 5-2. This should be his second of the night, but I won’t complain any more about that.

-What a perfect way to make up for the awful performance last night. Let’s hope we continue this run into the future.
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Bobcat’s Post Game Notes, Game 17

Jackets lose to the Detroit Red Wings.

-Here comes another leg of this super long home stand. Detroit is just coming off of a long stint in California that ended 2 days ago, so I would THINK they’d be more tired than we are. I don’t know what to expect.

-…Lars, I was really joking when I brought up the idea of calling up Billy Sweezey a couple games ago. I didn’t expect you to do it for real! He’s scratched for tonight, but considering our recent bout with injuries, I’d expect either Andy or Guddy to get hurt, so Bill gets his NHL debut.

-The first 5 minutes of the period was a blur until Tyler Bertuzzi was sent off for hooking. First PP of the game, let’s see what we do with it…

-Two things really caught my eye (and ire): firstly, with about 1:20 left on the power play, Kenny tries to get too fancy on a pass and turns the puck over when he could have taken a shot that probably would have caused a goal-mouth scramble that may or may not have worked on our favor.

-Secondly, what the holy hell is Vladislav Gavrikov doing on the power play? If he’s supposed to be quarterbacking, Jake Christiansen can do that just fine. Gavi’s a penalty kill guy.

-Ollie gets sent off for cross-checking, and that leads to Dylan Larkin scoring on the goal-mouth. Rough stuff.

-Gus, Silli and Yegor rush with urgency, Yegor takes a shot, but Ville Husso makes the save. Chinny was NOT happy with himself for missing that one…

-…okay, that’s twice now. This time, Silli takes the puck away, gets a breakaway, but Husso takes the goal away. Ville for Vezina.

-Things look very even, both on the ice and on the stat sheet (although not necessarily the score sheet) as the first period fades to black. I would hope that we can make some offensive improvements in the 2nd and finally beat Husso.

-Captain Boone Jenner breaks out the quick stick to beat the defense and set up Bemmer to tie this game up before a full minute goes off the clock in the second! Let’s go!

-Lucas Raymond goes zoom to (almost) beat Gavi and sets up Bertuzzi for a shot that Korpi saves, followed immediately by Emil Bemstrom making his case for a future job as a stuntman. Glad he’s okay, but that was a scary collision with the net.

-I love watching Eric Robinson’s play, but I wish that he did more with it. Man is working his tail off, but it’s just not helping.

-Filip Hronek makes up for getting undressed by Boone by capitalizing on a gonzo pass from Marcus Bjork to bury it behind Korpi. I don’t think there was much that Bjork could really do there. Let’s hope that this is just his “Welcome to the NHL” moment that every rookie has.

-Noted ACGM nuisance Ben Chiarot takes a shot from the point and benefits from a lapse in judgement from Korpi to put the Wings up 3-1. Ouch.

-Michael Rasmussen gets a slapper to the forearm and goes straight down the tunnel. This sounds calloused as f*ck, but it’s kinda cathartic to see another team lose a player to injury instead of us. Now you know how we feel…

-Filip Hronek scores his second on the game on a play that confused all of us. He got the puck lodged between the back of the net and Korpi’s water bottle holder. Lol.

-Kuraly and Oskar Sundqvist start a scuffle between their lines, and that leads to 4-on-4 Hockey Time as the second period ends.

-We cannot catch a break. First, Sean gets sent off for hooking Jake Walman, and now Mathieu gets sent off for elbowing (which I have never understood why elbowing is a penalty to begin with).

-As the game becomes 5-1, I leave you with this:

In that 5-game skid around the time we left for Finland, my dad enlightened me to the concept of “Quicksand”. If you’ve ever watched the movie “The Replacements”, you’ll know of this one scene where the coach brings the team in for a locker room talk to ask what their fears are. Shane Falco (the quarterback and basically main character, played by Keanu Reeves) says that he’s afraid of “quicksand” (not actual quicksand, but a snowball effect of bad things that leads to a big loss). Says Falco:

“You’re playing, and you think everything is going fine. Then one thing goes wrong. And then another. And another. You try to fight back, but the harder you fight, the deeper you sink. Until you can’t move… you can’t breathe… because you’re in over your head. Like quicksand.”

That’s what I see out of the Jackets all the damn time, and it drives me up a wall. Our confidence is so shot that we get down on ourselves and lose games much worse than we really should because we’ve stuck ourselves into quicksand. I don’t know how we can fix that: We can’t strip Boone of the captaincy because there’s no one else to give it to that would make anything remotely better. Despite the calls for his head, I feel firing Brad Larsen at this point doesn’t change a damn thing. We’re just screwed.