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It's finally here, much later than intended!

<p class="c"><em><strong>BOBCAT'S MID-SEASON REPORT</strong></em></p>

<em>Part 1: The Offseason</em>

-Let's just start with the elephant in the room: We got the big fish. After rumors of him going to the Isles and Devils, Johnny Gaudreau signed a 7-year, 9.75M-per-year contract with us, of all teams. I'm not entirely too thrilled with the fact the contract expires at 34, but he's a piece for Patty to gel with.

-Somehow, someway, we sign both the best signing in the free-agency class, and the worst signing in the free-agency class. Erik Gudbranson signs a 4 year deal worth $4M per year. I didn't hate the idea of bringing in Gudbranson, but that contract, man...

-Patty gets an extension too: 4 years, 8.7M per year. I wish it was a bit longer of an extension, but he's still locked up!

-Because of all the cap locked up in Guddy, Johnny and Patty, we needed to move someone. That someone SHOULD HAVE BEEN Gustav Nyquist, since we could have gotten 5.5M out of the way for just a mid round pick. Instead, we trade OLIVER BJORKSTRAND to the Seattle Kraken for a cheeseburger. I hated this move then, and i still hate it now. <strong>GUS WAS RIGHT F*CKING THERE.</strong>

-The draft was an all-timer. David Jiricek, Denton Mateychuk, Luca Del Bel Belluz and Jordan Dumais all have the potential to be NHL-caliber talent, and we picked them all back-to-back-to-back-to-back! Jarmo Kekalainen is an all-time great drafter.

All in all, it was a rollercoaster of an offseason. For every high, there is a low.

<em>Part 2: The Season So Far</em>

-We didn't start the best: Patty got himself injured in the season opener against the Canes, and we lose our first three. We didn't win our first game until a comeback win over the Canucks (who were another 0-3-0 team at the time). Our 7-10-1 start was a far cry from the 12-6-0 from last season (with a noticeably better team than last year). <strong>WE EVEN LOST TO THE F*CKING COYOTES.</strong>

-Our trip to Finland was... a disaster. Two 3+ goal losses to the Avs on back-to-back nights. At least Patty scored once?

-The team has been injured out the *ss all season, and we have one team we can largely blame for this: The Philadelphia Flyers. The Torts-led team hit us HARD in our first two meetings, which had a lot of injury stoppages for us. By the end, Nick Blankenburg, Justin Danforth and Jake Bean all were put on IR, but the biggest loss was Zach Werenski. Zach missed a check, hit the boards, and tore his labrum. He's gonna be out for the rest of the season. I hate this.

-These injuries led to a lot of losing, most recently ending in a 7 game skid in December, and going 2-6-0 so far in January.

-The only broad observation i can really make with this squad is that our defense and power play are AWFUL. Defense especially: I find myself asking "Why is he that open in front of the net?" and "Why was that shot so open?" more times than i really think i should. There is a way to remedy that, and we'll get to that later. The PP is also awful, and i don't know how to remedy that.

-Moving on to individual players: Elvis Merzlikins has looked AWFUL on the stat sheet all year, with a .869 save percentage and a 4.44 GAA. It's like watching a car crash in slow motion. He's looked slower than he did last year, but i feel like there's an excuse: He's been ruled out more often than usual for "illness." He's playing sick. Perhaps this is a similar situation to Korpi and his hip last year: Let him heal up a bit, and he'll thrive next year. God, i hope...

-I never thought i would be saying this last year, but Joonas Korpisalo has asserted himself as our starter this year. He's put up the best SV% of all three goalies this year, with a .908. That hip surgery did him a lot of good.

-Jack Roslovic is currently stuck in this Jakub Voracek syndrome of "assists out the *ss and not scoring many goals". He's been wildly inconsistent, to the point of being benched at one point by Brad Larsen. Luckily, he's gotten himself into some good fortune alongside Laine and Gaudreau on the first line. Perhaps he WON'T be traded...

-Speaking of Jake Voracek, he's been placed on LTIR after suffering his <em>eighth concussion</em> in his career. Some people are saying he'll never play again. That's tough for Captain Redbeard, but great for us financially. That's $8.25M for the next couple years that we can use to improve the team. This was the most convenient concussion ever (as calloused as that sounds).

-Kirill Marchenko has played rather well for a rookie. No assists, but he's a good goal-scorer, even getting a hatty a couple of weeks ago as i write this. He's not winning the Calder, but still a great rookie campaign so far.

-Vladislav Gavrikov's contract is expiring this year, and he's been playing like it. He's proven himself again as a great defender and penalty killer, and can score in the clutch. With Jake Voracek on LTIR and possibly never playing again, we have enough money to pay him whatever he pleases. How does $5.5M/6 years sound?

-For someone that has been hailed as the worst defenseman in the NHL, Erik Gudbranson has played really well. He's being paid to play defense, and he's played defense like a pro all season. I can't point to one goal we've given up with him on the ice that i can really say was his fault. Still not worth 4x4, though.

-Guddy and Mathieu Olivier have combined to be great sandpaper, not afraid to throw the body around and fight. We really could have used this last year.

-Rookie debuts have been plentiful: the aforementioned Marchenko, Marcus Bjork, Tim Berni and David Jiricek have played an NHL game, with varying amounts of success. Berni in particular has impressed me: for the defensive prospect i thought had the lowest chance of making the NHL squad, he's managed to stick around, and play very well at that. Jiricek has been tearing the AHL apart in Cleveland, and should make the NHL squad next year.

<em>Part 3: How I Would Do The Rest Of The Season/The Next Offseason</em>

-CONTINUE TO LOSE. PLEASE. This is a stacked draft, and even if we lose the draft lottery and miss out on Connor Bedard, Adam Fantilli is also an amazing talent, and would fit in nicely.

-This is probably a hot take, but Brad Larsen deserves one more year. This is a lost season, and Lars is definitely a factor in that, but in my mind he deserves one more chance. Next year, it's do-or-die time.

-Remedying our defense is probably an easy fix. I don't know if you're familiar with Steve McCarthy, but he's an assistant coach for us, and works with our defensemen (since he was an NHL defensman himself). When you look at his EliteProspects page, it has this to say:

"McCarthy (is a) defenseman who is very skilled offensively. Is a gifted passer, sees the ice well, and can skate. Can be involved in a couple of defensive gaffes. Is not a very physical player."

<strong><em>THIS. EXPLAINS. F*CKING. EVERYTHING.</em></strong> The defense is just a microcosm of the coach that's in charge of it! Perhaps forcing him out and bringing in a competent defensive mind would be the kick in the *ss we need to be competent defensively.

-Adam Boqvist also has to go. With Jiricek on the rise, Blanks coming in out of nowhere, Peeke getting extended, and Guddy being unmoveable, Bo is the odd man out. At this point, we could probably get a Nils Lundkvist-level return for him. The Kings have been a team that comes up often in discussions on "Who Can Take Boqvist?", so we should ask them.

-A top-line center is definitely a must. Bo Horvat is a name that has floated around in trade talks, so perhaps we could get him for a package revolving around Bo. a first line of Gaudreau - Horvat - Laine sounds amazing!

<em>Part 4: Conclusion</em>

I keep having to remind myself that this team is still very young. These woes this year are just growing pains. We'll come back next year as a playoff team, I can feel it. Just ignore the fact that i said this last year, too...

<p class="c"><strong><em>THE END</em></strong></p>
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Bobcat’s Post Game Notes, Game 43

Jackets lose, 3-1 against the New York Rangers

-After Saturday’s win, and the return of El Capitan, we should come out swinging and (at the very least) keep up with a playoff contender in the Rags tonight. Watch us return to the status quo now that I said this…

-Jaroslav Halak starts again tonight for New York. We’ve yet to suffer the agony of shooting against Igor Shestyorkin this year. Let’s hope we don’t have to.

-I have been screaming about Rosie, Patty and Johnny as our first line since Game 1. Last game, it seemed to work like gangbusters. I expect some more good stuff tonight…

-An early power play for us: Rosie gets a rush, and gets hooked from behind by Vinny Trocheck. Off to the power play we go!

-We got our chances, but ultimately don’t register an SOG (although we got a goal mouth scramble). The PP ends with Emil Bemstrom bobbling a pass and giving the Rangers a breakaway. Luckily, Elvis shuts that down.

-This game has looked chippy so far. Lots of checks on both sides. It feels AWESOME to have players that aren’t afraid to hit.

-…oh dear. Ryan Lindgren gets stapled to the boards by Mathieu Olivier, and he’s favoring his head as he gets escorted off. Ollie’s gone for boarding. It’s never good to see a player hurt. Let’s hope it’s not a concussion…

-That penalty gets killed off. We even got a rush the other way in the middle of it. The PK has improved a slight bit.

-Two penalties within ten seconds of each other: Nick Blankenburg hooks Jake Leschyshyn (wait, he left Vegas?), and then Alexis Lafrieniere hooks Erik Gudbranson. 4-on-4 Hockey Time.

-Mika Zibanejad scores on a rather pedestrian shot that beats Elvis glove-side high. Perhaps we need a new lineup for 4-on-4.

-Kirill Marchenko commits interference on Barclay Goodrow, and Goodrow immediately turns around and scores on a tip-in towards the end of the first. Ouch.

-As the first ends, I can’t complain TOO much. Wish we didn’t let those goals in, but what can you do?

-Sean Kuraly hooks Filip Chytil, but that penalty gets killed off rather effortlessly.

-Literally nothing else happens in the second until 11 minutes in, when Vitali Kravtsov beats Elvis from point-blank. Why are we THIS BAD at keeping people out of our net-front?

-Jonny Brodzinski slashes Rosie as the clock winds down on the second. It says something when i can fit the entire second period into three notes. Lol.

-Finally, some life! Andrew Peeke scores a minute and a half into the third on a wrister that blows right by Halak. It's only a two score game now! Time for a comeback!

-...no. No no no no no. Not now. Not him. Vlad's down after taking a shot to the head. Why him, of all people?

-Good defensive play so far in the third. Wish we had this three goals ago...

-Wait, Gavi's back!? I thought he would have been out for the rest of the game! He's one crazy motherf*cker...

-We empty the net, and get our chances, but Jaroslav Halak shuts them all down.

-A tough loss tonight (perhaps wearing those RRs had something to do with it), but we've got Nashville next, maybe that can reverse our fortunes...
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Oh boy, a double-header!

Bobcat’s Post Game Notes, Fuel Edition

Fuel win, 3-2 the Kalamazoo Wings.

-I’ve found myself in Indianapolis for the weekend, so that means some ECHL hockey! Time for Chicago’s AA squad to play Columbus’s AA squad. Prepare for a lot of names you’ve never heard before.

-It’s Star Wars Night for the Fuel, so they’re wearing special Star Wars-themed jerseys. I will be honest: them sh*t’s ugly. I wish these teams would just wear these special jerseys for practice only. You’ll still get the money for auctioning them off…

-The Fuel actually have a player that’s actually contracted with the Blackhawks (Cameron Hillis). Somehow, he’s not good enough to get the starting nod on the ECHL squad. I don’t know if that’s funny or sad.

-Another thing: the Fuel have a former Blue Jackets draft pick on the squad. I don’t know if you’re familiar with the name Kale Howarth, but he was our 5th round pick in 2017. He went to college at UConn, and we let his reserve list rights expire. This is what he ended up doing. He DID get the starting nod for tonight. That’s cool.

-I don’t know which team I’m watching: the Indy Fuel, or last year’s Blue Jackets. 36 SECONDS INTO THE FIRST PERIOD Max Humitz scores for the K-Wings. Not the best of starts, but they’ll heat up.

-Carson Focht (who, fun fact, is contracted with the Canucks) gets sent to the box for tripping, but that gets killed off. The K-Wings have a good PK for the standards of the league, all things considered.

-At 7 minutes flat, Spencer Watson beats Kalamazoo’s goalie glove side to tie the game! That was a nice play.

-This game has looked very chippy thus far. Both teams have been finishing their checks hard. I expect a fight in the coming minutes.

-No fight occurred in the first period, but another K-Wings penalty happened, and that gets killed off.

-This physical play is definitely going to continue into the second period. It’s very entertaining to watch, and I wish the Jackets played like this.

-Not even thirty seconds into P2, they get very close. Two players get to pushing and shoving after play is blown dead, but the refs are all over it before anything really happens. Whelp.

-Focht gets sent off for tripping AGAIN. He’s gotta get that under control if he’s gonna make it at the higher levels.

-Not much happens until Leif Mattson scores on a one-timer to put the K-Wings up 2-1. I missed a lot of that play since I was in line at the concession stands.

-This Kalamazoo goalie has looked pretty strong tonight. The ECHL has had a reputation for producing some solid goalies, so I’d expect this kid to get a shot in the AHL, or, if worse comes to worse, the big leagues. Remember the name: EVAN CORMIER.

-…As soon as I say this, Watson scores his second on the night. Spence capitalized on a loose puck to let loose a slapper that blows by Cormier. This game is tied once more.

-A tripping call while Andrew Perrott is on a breakaway gives the Fuel a penalty shot. They don’t convert.

-Another Andy Perrott breakaway with 6 seconds left, and this time, they score! The Fuel take their first lead of the night!

-I loved the play seen here by the Fuel. Noticeably better than the first period. Let’s see if they continue this into the final frame…

-The game has gotten so much chippier as the third period gets going. Still no fights, but a lot of checks in the corners that will knock your d*ck stiff.

-Play gets stopped completely with about 9 minutes left because someone from the stands is shining a laser pointer into the field of play. No, it was not me.

-A very blatant interference penalty by the Fuel. Keoni Teixiera just shoved a K-Wing with one hand and took him all the way down. This could be costly in a one-goal game like this…

-Thankfully, it doesn’t cost them one bit. It had a bit of a scare, but ultimately we held firm.

-An even more blatant tripping call for the K-Wings gives the Fuel what is likely their last PP of the night.

-That gets killed off rather easily. About a minute left now.

-A little scare as the clock is winding down, but in the end, the Fuel hold firm, and win!

-If you have an ECHL franchise in your area, I highly, HIGHLY recommend going to one of their games. It’s a very different experience to the NHL product, and I really like it. They also would appreciate your patronage; they need money to, you know, stay running, so buying a ticket would help a bunch.
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Bobcat’s Post Game Notes, Game 42

Jackets win, 4-3 over the Detroit Red Wings.

-Welcome back to the lineup, Boone Jenner! Being captainless for so long has to have had a negative effect on our play as of late, so I expect at least a small bit of bounce back now.

-The boys have had the momentum early on. We got five shots on goal off before they could even get one! I love this type of play!

-Nothing worth noting happened in the first until 12 minutes in, when Gavi gets sent off for roughing.

-That gets killed off, and then Patty gets an opportunity to flex THE SMOOTHEST ONE-TIMER IN THE GAME for his 10th goal on the year! We’re leading 1-0! That’s another thousand for the homeless!

-One minute later, We get a rush and Gavi beats Ville Husso in a goal-mouth scramble to put us up 2-0! This is why we need to extend this man.

-Two minutes after that, Laine beats Husso on a wrister to make the score 3-0. It was at this point that I got a bit concerned. Something told me that we’d end up choking this at some point.

-It really says something when your hockey team is up 3-0 and you think to yourself “Something has to be wrong with the other team” instead of “I’m glad we’re up”. Such is life as a Blue Jackets fan…

-<strong>A MINUTE INTO THE SECOND, AND HATTRICK LAINE SCORES FOR HIS THIRD TIME TONIGHT.</strong> STUNT. <em>ON.</em> <strong>THESE.</strong> <strong><em>HOES.</em></strong>

-The second period was a bit of a blur. Two penalties from both sides got killed off, and the period ends very silently. I’m glad we’re up on the scoreboard, but I have this sinking feeling that we’re gonna blow it.

-These fears are given more footing as Olli Maatta scores on a wrister to make the game 4-1. I’ve got a bad feeling about this…

-The fears are soon going to be realized at this rate. Jake Walman scores to make it 4-2. Shoot. We’ve got ourselves a game now.

-We seem to be holding firm now. 5 minutes left, and no more goals given up. Let’s keep this going and come off with a big win.

-…I HAD. TO OPEN. MY MOUTH. Lucas Raymond goes forehand-backhand on Elvis to make it a one goal game. If this game goes to overtime, I swear to Christ…

-IT DOESN’T! IT DIDN’T GO TO OVERTIME! Even after Detroit emptied the net, Elvis held firm, and we won!

-That was an entertaining game to follow, if not a little infuriating. The Wings came out swinging in the third, but we gave a solid fight to ‘em. I’m just glad a hatty from Patty didn’t end up being in vain.
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Bobcat’s Post Game Notes, Game 40

Jackets lose, 6-3 to the Tampa Bay Lightning.

-I’m kinda scared about this one. I’m prepared to get pounded into the dust…

-Gavi’s hurt, apparently, so this is probably gonna be even worse than usual. God help us…

-Well, that was fast. A gonzo pass from Rosie leads to a rush for the Lightning, ending in a Nikita Kucherov tip-in. WE’RE NOT EVEN PAST TWO MINUTES YET.

-Marcus Bjork hooks Brandon Hagel. Off to the Gavi-less PK we go. This is gonna suck…

-…YEP, IT SUCKED. Nick Paul scores on a Kucherov slapper on the power play to put the Bolts up 2-0. It makes me wonder what happened to Gavi between the Caps game and today. I wish injuries weren’t classified as hard as f*cking nuclear launch codes.

-Carson Meyer and Mikhail Sergachev get into a little spat, and get sent off coincidentally for their troubles: Meyer for slashing, Sergachev for cross-checking.

-We were getting outshot 21-6 in the first period. I hate how depleted this defense is.

-Victor Hedman trips Rosie. Time to go and embarrass ourselves on our dog-worst power play.

-We got a few shots off, but Andrei Vasilevskiy shut them down. Man plays like a lunatic, and I’m not even sure he’ll get a nomination for the Vezina. The goaltenders are THAT GOOD this year.

-Gavin Bayreuther takes a slapper from the blue line that blows right by Vasi. We’re back to a one-score game.

-Kent Johnson tries a Michigan, but bobbles the puck at the end. That would have been cool had he made that one.

-Vladislav Namestnikov finds himself on a breakaway, and goes forehand-backhand to beat Elvis clean as a whistle.

-Then everything slows down until the end of the second. Hopefully the third period is the beginning of a comeback…

-Tim Berni gets sent off about a minute into the third for hooking, but that gets killed off.

-Timmy scores his first NHL goal on a wrister! Always good to see a rookie score his first.

-Elvis accidentally clears the puck over the glass, gets a DoG, and Nikita Kucherov scores on the power play. 4-2 game.

-Johnny Gaudreau hooks Brandon Hagel, and Ross Colton scores on THAT following PP. It was at this point where I shut the game off.

-Kirill Marchenko scores again, and that’s cool, but the game was well and truly over by then.

-The season sweep is complete. We got our fade run three straight times by the Bolts. Please kill me.
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Bobcat’s Post Game Notes, Game 38

Jackets win in a shootout over the Carolina Hurricanes.

-The first half of a back-to-back. And the Canes have looked pretty strong this year. Can we please not be totally embarrassed this time? Is that not too much to ask?

-Not exactly getting off to the best of starts: Mathieu Olivier cross-checks Jesper Fast, and gets sent to the box. This isn’t good…

-We kill it off, which is good, but by the end, we’re getting outshot 8-2 after 5 minutes, which is bad. Can we get going on offense, please?

-Oh hey, a power play. Brady Skjei high-sticks Bemmer, off to the box you go.

-We don’t do anything with it. It almost seems like we’re afraid of taking shots. I don’t get it…

-Not much happens before Gavi and Max Pacioretty hook skates, and… Gavi gets a tripping minor. Methinks if Vlad took a dive, that would have been a double minor (or better, no penalty either way)…

-10 minutes of nothing later, the first period is over. This is eerily similar to last game against Washington. At what point do we fall into quicksand?

-Andrei Svechnikov cross-checks Andrew Peeke, so we go on the power play. I have no expectations…

-Kirill Marchenko wraps around Antti Raanta and shuffles it in. That kid is smooth as butter. That’s the type of play I wanna see every night.

-Not long after, Svech and Andy get into it again. This time, Svech gets bopped for high sticking. I wonder what beef those two have…

-Kent Johnson feeds Marchy one of the most gorgeous passes I’ve ever seen in the slot, and Marchy beats Raanta with a snapper. Those two are gonna be a thing for a long, long time…

-Uh oh. Max Pacioretty scores his first as a Hurricane on a deflection that Korpi doesn’t see at all. That doesn’t bode well…

-A couple of penalties for both sides (Kuraly for DoG, Jarvis for Goalie Interference) get killed off. We’re starting to slow down now. Good for our blood pressure…

-Uh oh, we got a scrum. Carson Meyer lightly shoves Antti Raanta, and Raanta channels his inner actor. Guddy and Meyer go off for roughing for us, Patches is off for the Canes. I don’t understand what Guddy did, but nonetheless we’re on the PK.

-…tie game. Goddammit. Brady Skjei scores on the power play. We’re stuck now.

-<em>…YYYYYYEP.</em> Patches gets another PPG for the Canes. There goes our lead.

-Third period looks a bit better. I have hope now, but I think it’s for naught. I’ve been led along too many times.


-Both teams put up a good defensive fight, not giving up an inch either way. One penalty gets killed off in the process. WE’RE OFF TO OVERTIME.

-Five uninterrupted minutes of overtime give us no goals. Off to a shootout we go!

-I think the Hurricanes have to be the only team that starts the shootout with a defenseman. I would think they’d start with Svechnikov or Teravainen, but no, Brent Burns opens the shootout for Carolina. Interesting.

-Kirill Marchenko scores a fourth goal, but it doesn’t count because it’s in the shootout. I love this kid.

-A short scare towards the end, but in the end, Korpi stands tall and gets us the dub!

I wish we played like this all the time.
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Bobcat’s Post Game Notes, Game 37

Jackets lose, 6-2 to the Washington Capitals.

-We’re on ESPN proper for tonight! Time to get embarrassed on national television…

-Elvis in goal tonight! Hopefully this is the beginning of a turnaround!

-…Some shots from both sides, but it’s been pretty boring so far. Both teams have been pretty disciplined. No penalties so far.

-Emil Bemstrom makes a steal, and dishes to Johnny, who BURIES his first goal in 10 games behind Darcy Kuemper! Let’s f*cking go!

-Not much else happened before the first period comes to an end. Elvis has looked pretty good so far. Now watch him fall off a cliff now that I’ve said something…

-<strong><em>…YYYYUP</em></strong>. TJ Oshie scores on a snapper that blows by Elvis. I should have kept my damn mouth shut.

-Martin Fehervary and Mathieu Olivier start shoving back and forth, and that gets them both sent to hockey jail for roughing. Only took them 25 minutes to put someone in the box…

-Those two coincidental penalties get killed off, but soon after, Birdman gets sent off for hooking Jack. I have no expectations for this.

-…I expected nothing, and I was still let down. We didn’t even get any shots off. I hate this PP.

-Nicolas Aube-Kubel scores off a soft shot that goes five-hole on Elvis. Perhaps this isn’t the beginning of a turnaround. Watching him struggle like this makes me incredibly sad. It’s like watching a car crash.


-…Remind me to never get hyped about this team ever again. Two goals in less than two minutes gives the Caps a 2 goal lead in a 4 goal period. I wanna die.

-Gavin Bayreuther has been having a hell of a game tonight. He got a puck in the net, buuuuuutttttt it doesn’t last long. Offsides. UGH.

-Tim Berni trips up Garnet Hathaway, and that leads to TJ Oshie scoring his second on the night with a PPG. 5-2 game now…

-Alex Ovechkin scores from The Spot(tm) on the power play for his 29th on the year and 809th all-time. Yay?

-See? I f*cking told you that we’d get embarrassed on national television. Now, where’s my f*cking drink?…