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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>PuckLuck_77</b></div><div>I'm a Kings fan, so I'm biased. But here's my quick take:

Rangers look to be in trouble with their development staff. One player might be a one-off, but with Kravtsov now asking out and being okay with playing in the AHL for any other team shows that there might be a disconnect between players, organization, and NHL/AHL goals. I'm also not a fan of how quickly they rushed Kakko to the NHL, and it definitely backfired on them with Lias Andersson.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, I have absolute faith in the fact that the Kings and Reign are aligned in how they want their prospects developing. They hired Wroblewski specifically to develop the prospects. However, there are two problems that have plagued the ability for prospects to reach the NHL for LA. The first is that the NHL roster has been littered with contracts like Lemieux, Wagner, Lizotte, Grundstrom, etc that don't expire until this year. The second is that the players that you discuss have all had significant injury history (which is a problem with luck, as well as maybe some disregarding of past history by Kings scouting staff).

-Vilardi missed SIGNIFICANT TIME due to his back injuries. We're talking nearly two full seasons of development. His first full NHL season last year was as a top-6 center, and he's going to be allowed to grow against more appropriate talent this year as the de-facto 3C. It's one of the reasons they brought in Danault.

-Turcotte, while yes in his D+3 missed significant time both in his D+1 year at Wisconsin due to injury and sickness, then proceeded to have more injuries in his D+2 in Ontario. He's only played 61 games in the past two years, the equivalent of one year in the AHL.

-Kupari tore his ACL at the 2020 World Juniors and missed over half a season as a result. He was able to get back last year and made his NHL debut after the deadline. He's coming along nicely.

-Byfield was actually going to make the team this year. MacLellan is on record saying the 4C spot was his before his injury. Look for him to have a conditioning stint in the AHL upon the healing of his ankle, and then I expect him to jump to the NHL and never look back.</div></div>

Jeez, I never realized how bad the kings luck was regarding prospect injuries
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