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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>justaBoss</b></div><div>In a way the pandemic has affected all of us here in some way. Our lives as a whole, some of us lightly, some of us harder. A family member of mine just had covid last week (luckily not a severe one) so I'm probably getting it too due to being in closer contact with them, here's to hoping things won't go bad for me either lol

But yeah, similar to our individual lives the pandemic has affected the sport we love, hockey, as well. The league has taken a big hit in the last couple of years, and recently we lost a tournament, the WJC, as well. Small things for fans in retrospect, but still minor annoyances. Gotta feel for the part of the 02 class who won't ever get the chance to play against the very best of their own age due to reasons not in their control.

Anyway, we're lucky to have other people in our lives. Our closest ones, the families and friends, and even the ones in this CF community. I can say I'm quite lucky to have many people to discuss with the sport I love as well other things in life on this site, despite living so far off from a majority of you guys.

Congratulations to your mother from reaching the 100. That's a very respectable age. My both grandparents from my father's side are very close to 90 years old, and from my mother's side they're about 75.

Oh, and I'm very sorry for your loss about your wife. Losing a family member always hurts, although there might be some solace to be found about that they're now in a better place, and most importantly, not in pain. I myself haven't experienced such sorrow, but my aunt said something like that when her husband died of cancer last year.

Also gotta feel for the Bills one. That's gotta smart a bit.</div></div>

As a bills fan, it smarts more than a bit
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