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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Billy739</b></div><div>if Plekanec at 33 got us a 2nd round pick we used to draft a great bottom 6 power forward in Jacob Olofsson and the piece we used to acquire Brett Kulak our 2nd pair LD most of last year then Backstrom can land WSH a 1st plus a Roster player due to his elite ability as a PP Center .

if you were to move him out to a team like CGY for example for Jankowski , a 1st and a later pick then WSH helps itself immediately as Janko's a solid 3rd line Center who's 25 or 26 who could play a 2nd Center role for WSH for a couple years. that 1st could help re-stock a weak depth pool spent on getting you cup victory .

but the main point was to keep Ovechkin,Oshie and Kuznetzov together you gotta make sacrifice's
Backstroms good but Eller can help carry bulk faceoffs it will be on the new guy to provide offense
a perfect fit for WSH would be Barbashev fresh off a cup ,reliable and hard worker who create's space.

i mean you could sacrifice Holtby to re-sign Backstrom but that would be foolish .
it will be a decade before you find another goalie as good as Holtby MTL knows it took us almost 10 years just to draft price another 3 before we seen his true potential .

Backstrom has to go just like Plekanec had to go
maybe he comes back as a UFA on a team friendly deal
but you always have to move your UFA's to get value</div></div>

I would sacrifice Holtby to resign Backstrom and the team would be foolish to do otherwise. Holtby is replaceable.
Our future goalie is sitting in Hershey waiting for the call. He won't be ready this season but will be for next. The team has no replacement for Backstrom. I love Eller but he is exactly what he is - a very good 3rd line center. Not to mention that Backstrom and Ovechkin are the faces of the franchise and should retire in Caps Jersey.
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