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Edmonton Oilers signed Darnell Nurse (8 Years / $9,250,000 AAV)

Was this a good signing?
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7 août 2021 à 11 h 50
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Quoting: SevenLeg
Hopefully he continues to improve and this year's was not his peak because... it's gonna age badly.

I think the problem here with the way it will age is that Nurse is unlikely to be the best shooting D in the NHL. Elite goal scoring D (Hamilton, Chycrun) who shoot a lot likely finish with a career 6-7% shooting percentage. They may have the odd season up around 10%, but it's not repeatable and you don't want to pay based on that. Nurse either needs to improve significantly in his offensive game, defensive game, or continue to shoot 10% in order to justify this contract, and even then, it's no steal. That's one hell of a gamble.

I think the worst part about the cap is how it kind of warps our perception of what a player is if they are over paid. Nurse is Edmonton's best D, and any team would be happy to have him as part of their core for the right price. There is no argument that he is outright bad. However he will now likely have a lot of years as a guy who fails to outperform his contract, and players actual value does relate heavily to their cap hit, so it's likely going to change the perception of him quickly.
7 août 2021 à 11 h 51
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Nurse is now being paid as an elite #1 D, and while he had a year last year that overall was probably worthy of that, I feel like it's built too much on shooting percentage and not enough on defensive ability or soring chance creation. He's a good player being paid as a great one. That's not a good recipe for long term success.
7 août 2021 à 13 h 6
First NY Then LA
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Quoting: Saskleaf
Both GOATS (ok maybe slight exaggerations lol)

And now the women's soccer team . . .
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7 août 2021 à 19 h 25
Daws is underrated
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Imagine Getting ****ed with out realizing
7 août 2021 à 22 h 36
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There are a lot of bad takes here, but let me lay this out.

1. Did Nurse get overpaid, yes, by about $500 K per year
2. Does Nurse deserve to get paid more than Hedman and Josi, no, but the market has changed, switching this up, does Karlsson and Doughty deserve to get more than Nurse, no they do not.
Would you rather have 31 year olds Doughty and Karlsson for 6 more years at $11.0 & $11.5 million x 6 years or 27 year old Nurse for 8 years at $9.25 million?

Also, hasn't both DD & EK already pass by their peak seasons 3 or 4 years ago? When will we see Nurse's? In 3 or 4 years?

Every year he has improved in all facets, he is 6'4", an elite skater, is in phenomenal condition, has an exceptional work ethic and is very durable.

He has been a top level 5 v 5 shot and point producer for several years in the league and he is still improving on both sides of the puck. It is not unreasonable that he continues to improve for the next 3-4 years and then maintains a high level for another 4-5.

The other aspect is that he is a core piece of the leadership group in Edmonton and he may positively influence 29 & 97's decisions when it comes to re-signing down the road, when the Cap should be in the $90-100 million range and his piece of the pie won't be as large.
7 août 2021 à 22 h 44
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You gotta feel for McDavid. Way to ruin the career of a generational talent… and a dozen other 1st overall picks.
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8 août 2021 à 3 h 47
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Quoting: Zuki9797
I remember seeing an article today about Edmonton avoiding a Doughty/Karlsson contract for Nurse


9 août 2021 à 0 h 42
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Yikes!! This contract isn't just bad for the Oilers. Its bad for the entire league when desperate GMs overpay players like this. But to be fair when youre the GM of a team like the Oilers, you gotta overpay to get good players on a long term deal cause nobody wants to live there.
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15 août 2021 à 16 h 41
SWTOR Legend
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Kenny at his best
24 août 2021 à 9 h 1
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Quoting: lilfimpen
But Seth Jones has won several Norris Tro...oh.

At least he’s come closer then Nurse ever will be
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