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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>mnwild1790</b></div><div>Haha yeah every time you we play you guys at Xcel, you outcheer us and it drives me nuts. You'll hear a monotone "Let's Go Wi-ld" followed immediately by a raucous "GO JETS GO" I try to get more fans around me to cheer louder to drown you guys out but it never works. We're passionate but not very loud.

But yes, out of all the Minnesota sports stadiums/arenas, the Xcel has the best food scene around it. I absolutely love going down there and I make sure I take off early every time so I can appreciate the whole pregame experience of being down there.

As far as Winnipeg goes, I really want to make it up there for a game. Been trying for a few years now but every time the Wild play there, it just never works out. Someday I'll get to experience that amazing atmosphere you guys have built!</div></div>

If you enjoy the Xcel Center and experience, you’d like the whole Winnipeg experience. We have a lot of great restaurants around the arena literally across the street and just behind the arena. The arena is nuts too. The cheering gets ridiculous sometimes. I went to a playoff game during the 2017-18 run and it was the loudest thing I have ever experienced. There wasn’t a second during the entire time I was there that it was below 90db. Even during intermissions it was insane. It’s usually like that during the regular season too haha. Funny because the game I went to was in the wild series haha. The street parties I think was the most insane thing though. I wish more people got to experience that during the NSH series. Literally 11,000+ people on the streets. The ground was shaking from start to finish.
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