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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Rob32sjsharks</b></div><div>I looked over the schedule and yikes. At best I don’t see the sharks any better than 11-20-5, and I have them closer to 8-24-4.
I do like the additions and while none come close to replacing Meier, as a whole they could provide more depth.

Granlund had 64 pound in 21/22 and had 36 in 58 for Nashville last year before the Pit trade. If he gets back to 50 points that’s a huge plus to this lineup.

Duclair was injured most of last year and wasn’t himself in the handful of games to finish the regular season, he looked more like himself in the playoffs. If he can rebound close to his 21/22 numbers (31 goals, 58 points) with say 24 goals 48 points sharks will have a stronger top 6.

Zadina didn’t look good in Detroit, but he is only 23 &amp; was a 6th OA pick for a reason. If healthy and focused I don’t see why he couldn’t have a Barabanov type breakout with a 17 goal 40 point season.

Hoffman I expect similar numbers to last year 14 goals 30 points, though in a contract year he might see an uptick.

Eklund should make the team and I would expect Modest numbers say 12 goals 30 points. Not great but rookies usually aren’t.

I also feel Zetterlund should rebound closer to the NJD player than the guy we saw in San Jose last year.

All combined the Sharks forward group should actually be stronger than last years group even with Meier gone.

while all 7 D likely don’t hit 25 goals 101 points combined,
Thrun, Ferraro, Knyzhov, Benning, Rutta, Vlasic, and Burroughs are a better D core defensively than what the sharks had last year. a system change with more focus on being defensively sound over sacrificing D for offense should help protect the goalies and should lead to a better goals against total for the year. Negating some of the Karlsson loss.

While I do expect Blackwood and Kahkonen to have better goals over expected than last year, I don’t see either having much better numbers than in previous years. Expect both around 3.00 to 3.25 GAA and 903-894 save %.

Best case scenario for this year IMO is the team plays well despite the mounting losses, and sharks get good returns at the trade deadline for players like Duclair, &amp; Barabanov, and possibly Sturm, Rutta, Granlund, Hoffman, Labanc, one of Burroughs and Benning. I would add Labanc, Lindblom &amp; Kunin but they aren’t likely to garner much if any trade interest unless the rebound dramatically.
And either Macklin Celebrini Or Cole Eiserman in the 24 draft.</div></div>

I always see people say we will be better defensively without EK, but who is gonna get the puck out of our zone? Where is our transition game? I am not saying EK was stellar at defense but how much can we contribute to having the worst goalie tandem in the league? I just imagine every game this year the sharks will struggle to get the puck out of their zone.
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