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Forum: NHL Trades14 sep à 7 h 04
A buyout would have cost about the same in terms of real money, and would have saved $1.45M in cap hit this year (but would have added $1.75M) next year. So a getting a 7th is probably slightly better. However, given the Penguins are a team whose best players are aging, and there is a cap crunch around the league right now, with an expansion draft next year, I actually think the cap space this year, has more value than cap space next year.

So the question is really if it made sense to buyout Bjugstad. When he has played he has been a 15 goal, 30 point center, but last year he played very little. The condition on the 7th is that Bjugstad has to play at least 70 games or get 35 points, so basically a 7th goes back to Pittsburgh only in the circumstance where Bjugstad proves he's not a buyout level player.

So basically, if Bjugstad isn't very good, the Pens get nothing, and would have been just as well off to buy Bjugstad out.

Or if Bjugstad is pretty good, the Pens get a 7th, in which case they lose the deal because they retained salary and only got a 7th on a player that was actually decent.

It feels like watching a friend bet on every Stanley cup favourite when they didn't realize they will be down money no matter what the outcome is.

This isn't a horrendous trade, I mean if Bjugstad's value is around the level of a buyout, there isn't much of a difference, it's just kind of funny that a buyout might actually have been better than getting nothing, but getting something means Minnesota wins the deal hands down.
Forum: Trade Machine Proposals15 sep à 12 h 03