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I didnt quote you directly- only part of your post was considered in my own post. Hamonics time in Abby needed context, he wasnt fully vaxxed (which includes a waiting period after your shot), so he couldnt travel to the US, and with the injury to Schenn- they needed a dman to fill the roster and either had to send down Hamonic (who had already cleared waivers due to him not being ready due to missing camp) or put Schenn on LTIR- which means he misses more games than his injury required. He wasnt having problems staying in the line up, nor constantly being sent to Abby. Your own links show that Hamonic has been vaxxed- yet you continue to say he isnt?

Do some research before you post...please try again.<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>sensonfire</b></div><div>Next time, do some research before calling what someone else wrote "crap" and then saying "there have been zero reports".

It will go a long way for you.




I never said he was waived because of "poor play" or "salary".

I never said he was a "antivaxx nut job".

Before finally getting vaccinated, he would have taken his daughter into consideration.

Please try again.</div></div>
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