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Fanboys make bad Gms
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23 déc. 2018
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14 août 1984
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Buck Foston
Forum: Trade Machine Proposals15 nov. à 18 h 49
Forum: Trade Machine Proposals11 nov. à 11 h 34
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Knuckl3s</b></div><div>We are only allowed to post 5 proposals within a 24 hour period, trust me when I say I don't publish any trade proposal carelessly. I'll tell you this, what matters most to me in contributing to this part of the forum is that I always feel I have made as fair a deal as I can come up with, don't believe me, then too bad. Now I apologize, I misread your initial post, you stated that Vancouver should take a pass if Philadelphia offered a first round pick with Risto for Myers. Obviously Ristolainen's value has been clouded since his Buffalo days (Can't imagine how you feel about the package Philly gave up to get him), but I personally would not be so harsh to judge Risto's game. He's probably not a defensive oriented D-man, but I'm sure he is better defensively than guys like Shayne Gostisbehere and Tony DeAngelo, Risto is definitely not a negative asset, and I think Myers for Risto and a second rounder would be a complete steal for Vancouver, let alone a first rounder

Look, I know I post a lot of proposals, I really do have a lot of fun coming up with them, but believe me when I tell you I'm not at all trying to be a troll or waste anybody's time</div></div>

" trust me when I say I don't publish any trade proposal carelessly"

hard doubt

"Risto is definitely not a negative asset"

factually untrue

The rest of it I just can't compartmentalize. But yeah I laughed pretty hard at Philly for the Risto trade. At least they stole Ellis.
Forum: Trade Machine Proposals11 nov. à 1 h 27
Forum: Trade Machine Proposals6 nov. à 2 h 41
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>jr400</b></div><div>I like this trade for all three teams. Vegas gets the cap dump they’ll need to make room for Eichel with the least possible amount of damage, Toronto gets a local-boy winger for their top six and they don’t care if it’s only for this season, and Seattle gets some needed forward help and a draft pick upgrade. Dermott and Fleury seem close to equal so I guess they were thrown in just so Seattle could retain salary to make the deal work for Toronto, but they could have also done that by retaining part of Smith’s salary.

The salary retention works for Toronto but not for Seattle. It looks like this deal would put them over the cap even without the salary retention, so why would they solve a problem for Toronto while compounding one of their own? Maybe LTIR is an option – they have some guys on the IR now and I don’t know how long they’re out for – but I’m not sure Dadonov and Kerfoot are enough of an upgrade over whomever they would displace for them to want to give up their cap flexibility. This is where I think the trade might break down. Also the time isn’t right for Vegas. I think they’re going to wait until they know Eichel’s surgery is successful before they dump anybody, otherwise they probably could have sent Dadonov and Smith to Buffalo as part of the package for Eichel.</div></div>

This would be a deadline deal as there is no reason for Vegas to move forwards when they are months away from getting their guys back but also there would be another cap shift before this to help Seattle.

A note to factor in is many of the contracts Seattle took expire this year and guys with term actually matter to them. So this is a help for them as well.

Basically we agree across the board but I didn't feel like explaining all of those details in the first post. My bad.