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Sujet: HABS
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>SKWPG</b></div><div>Can HABS fan enlighten me and WPG fans as to why MTL seems to want to keep sending Dvorak to WPG?

He's not horrible and retaining is good. WPG needs to start their rebuild and will need some filler players, but Dvorak? There doesn't seem to be much good about him.

WPG would be stuck with him for 2 years because no one else will want him.

The 30% retention is definitely an improvement over trying to dump him in WPG, but then WPG has to give up a 3rd? No thanks.

Don't get it.</div></div>

I can think of a few honest reasons, but the two main ones would be;

1) Because unlike Anderson, Dvorak's NTC only kicks-in on July 1st. The assumption is that Anderson, who has an 8-team protection list, could make it difficult for the Habs to include him in a package for Dubois. Dvorak is seen as the closest "veteran" that could make sense, as it gives WPG a two-year window to use him during their retool, and flip him over. I don't think WPG would get stuck with him. In fact, I think Dvorak is exactly the type of player playoffs team are looking for at the deadline. Moreso than a guy like Hoffman, who many WPG fans seem to be more open to the idea of acquiring in a Dubois trade for some reason I really don't understand. You just need to know what to expect with him; a 200-ft player, good screener in front of the net, good on the PK, good on faceoffs, who's gonna produce in sequence.

2) Many Habs fan seem to think that Dvorak is more expandable to the Habs if we acquire Dubois, who's also a center. I kinda disagree with that personally, as Jake Evans' injury record kinda make him a bit of a question mark. He has the ability to play 3C, but health is a concern. And while I do like Owen Beck a lot, I'd rather see him in Laval for a year.
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