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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Jdfitz77</b></div><div>Depending on Johansson’s deal,
they may not save any $$$ at all...

You get just over $1mil in relief sending down Hutton
But then u have to subtract Johansson’s cap hit
So if they are saving, it’s maybe $.3mil at best
That’s nowhere near enough savings to factor into the decision

And again...
Johansson will not be on the opening roster with Hutton sent down
I 100% guarantee it
And would bet anything on it
Just look at who was starting games when Ullmark was hurt
Hutton had way more
Johansson only had 6... and didn’t even play well
.894 save%, 2.94gaa
Now, if those were Hitton’s numbers during that stretch &amp; they were giving Johansson starts over him bc he was playing well.... then what you’re saying would make sense
But that’s not what happened

this could be a mid-season move if Hutton is playing poorly &amp; Johansson is playing well in Rochester
But it won’t happen to start the season u less Hutton is hurt
ZERO CHANCE</div></div>

Johansson only had 6... and didn’t even play well
.894 save%, 2.94gaa
.898 save%, 3.18gaa

seems pretty even, but i think you are forgetting that those are both bad numbers.
so if you are getting below avg play just get the cheaper option or get someone else rather then accept mediocratie.
i would like to see them offersheet Georgiev or bring in UFA goalie.
i dont think its 100% hutton makes team next year. 75% hutton, 10% Johansson and 15% someone else.
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