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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Db1899</b></div><div>That is not true..Beauvillier was the main driver of the 2nd line the past two years, his speed and transition ability is one of the main reasons why the isles were successful in the playoffs - without him Nelson/Bailey's numbers were brutal. It's not surprising an isles fan wants to dump Beauvillier , , im sure you were in favor of trading toews for scraps and letting Eberle go for nothing.

The middle 6 you have here does not have 1 player who can enter the offensive zone with possession. Bellows is a solid middle 6 W, but he needs a strong play driver on his line to be successful. Palmieri is awful and Bailey is cooked. Maroon will be 34 next year and is more suited for a 4th line role.

I don't think you understand this isles team needs forwards who can drive offense with speed and maintain possession in the offensive zone to be successful. Bellows-Nelson-Palmieri and Maroon-Pageau-Bailey would spend more than 75% of their ice time hemmed in the defensive zone.</div></div>

BTW, bringing up Beau's playoffs last year while not bringing up his current season and then bringing up Palmieri's current season without bringing up his playoffs last year shows you don't even care about what you're saying - just cherry picking the facts that help make your point of view not look unhinged. Palmieri's underlying metrics are fine. He was snakebitten and now is injured, doesn't look like a liability out there. Hate to break it to you but Beau is not the player standing between this team making the playoffs or not
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Chooch</b></div><div>I could be wrong but I really don't think the Blues want Bailey. He's a good player but Blues don't want him for 3 years. They want Tarasenko's money freed up for next year. They need to resign Parayko after this season - hoping he can get something similar to Pelech but fearful after seeing Nurse, Werenski, and Jones deals. The Blues also really want to make a play for M. Tkachuk eventually. Thinking the deal would be more like Komarov, Hickey, and then Blues actually get back decent player(s) Salo, Dobson, Bolduc, maybe Wilde (although don't really like his game) and maybe a 2nd. I also don't really consider Bellows to be that good since he's always one of the ones offered by Isles fans. Most of those that say Tarasenko is damaged goods, also seem to want him on their top line which is ironic...

The more this goes on, think Blues might make Tarasenko come back and prove his health/value. He hasn't had an off-season since the Blues won the cup and is apparently getting in really good shape. I think he'll score at least 30 next year. I also don't think he's damaged goods - think he's finally healthy.</div></div>

A deal like Tarasenko for Bolduc, Wilde, Komarov, Hickey and a second feels like it could work, although it also sort of feels like a NHL 2021 trade where you just keep adding little pieces until the other team accepts hahaha. Still, it makes sense - Komarov is the kind of presence that seems like would fit right in with the Blues vibe - plus him and hickey come off of the books next season so you can re-sign Parayko. Bolduc, Wilde and a second is essentially three seconds which sounds about right. And while Bolduc would be a tough till to swallow, Wilde is essentially blocked at RD for the next couple of years. I'd make the trade.
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