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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>F50marco</b></div><div><i><div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>marc</b></div><div><i>Yakupov is a cheap, one year contract winger, so this trade seems to be ok. The Hawks would be very happy with this Bickell trade, so they will overpay. But I don´t unterstand the Wideman deal. What is your intention for the 2017/18 season? Resign Wideman or free a lot of cap space? And I´am not sure that the 4th over all pick is worth all these trades.</i></div></div>

Right-o for the Yakupov scenario. I'm gambling that MTL with the Therrien's stern tutelage, Pacioretty's leadership and Galchenyuk's friendship will help put him on the right track. Even if it doesn't work out, have we really lost all that much? If he just becomes a 20G scorer we've already won and that is not a far fetched idea for a guy like Yak. If Kessel can pretty much turn it around, I don't see why Yakuov, who is younger and cheaper can't.

If the Hawks are willing, realistically, Montreal better be all over that.

Regarding Wideman, no chance at resigning him unless its very cap friendly. The idea behind this was to find a way to move up in the draft without giving up much in term of valuable assets. CGY dumps 5.25M in cap space, they get 2 young cheap prospects while moving down only 3 spots and MTL moves up to get the player they probably want the most in Dubois (outside the top 3). They also get a serviceable dman to help limit Markov's minutes. He's only got 1 year left so we're not mortgaging future cap space really. Next year, we spend our extra cap space to target true LH top 4 dmen to play with Subban and Petry (if Markov retires).</i></div></div>

Yakupov hasn't proved he can score like Kessel (why did TOR fans wanted him out anyway?), he's a possession anchor and he's kinda got an attitude problem; not so sure anyone can do something about it. IMO, the Habs would be better served by adding a possession-driving player that can play a solid all-around game.