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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Mathewsisbetterthenmcdavid</b></div><div>Why I have just as many rights to post on this site as anyone else does</div></div>

I’m not saying stop posting altogether. Just stop with these delusions of grandeur that are completely unrealistic. The only way any of these trades are accepted by other GMs is if they have a loaded gun to their head. I’m going to break this down, just like I did with your Oilers post.

For Edmonton, RNH and Hyman are their only decent depth scoring options outside of McDavid and Draisaitl so they won’t move them. Plus, that value for Fleury would be the value he had in 2009. Fleury isn’t worth that anymore, and he won’t waive his NMC to go to Edmonton either. If he goes somewhere, it will probably end up being Colorado or another contender in need of a goalie. Edmonton is not a contender right now.

Kane is still serviceable, but he isn’t worth that much. Dahlin and Power are an instant no, and asking BUF for their first rounders when they will likely win the lottery is just absurd.

For the Canes, they would never consider that. Toews is a shell of his former self, and he has negative value. Plus, he is on a very expensive contract and plays a position that doesn’t need any help. I remember what you said about Slavin, and you are wrong about him. He is easily the best defensive dman in the league, and he is producing offensively this season as well. Necas was a dealbreaker for Eichel, who is miles better than Toews, so why would he be a piece for what is a cap dump? And the draft pick is just a desperate grab. It will probably take 2 first round equivalents to dump Toews alone.

For Tampa, do you even know who Brayden Point is? He is easily worth double that, and make it triple for a contender, with how dominant he is in the playoffs. He is already signed to an extension, so he won’t be going anywhere.

For the Pens, you are undervaluing everyone of those players. They are having really good season this year, so you can expect their values to be a lot higher than what you give them credit for.

For the Rangers, de Haan has positive value, but Connolly has negative value, and if you add their values up you might get a 3 round pick in return, and a first rounder for them is just an overpay.

If the Hawks are going to be fixed, it will be by restarting their rebuild and just suffering through it. I’m sorry, but these trade are completely unrealistic. You are entitled to your opinion of these be fair, but that opinion is shared by no one, and you would be the only person who believes that. That is why this is a troll post, just like your other posts.
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