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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>danielcoe</b></div><div>but montreal went to the final and carolina has not...they are too cheap to spend the money like florida and vegas have done... always looking for deals like pacioretty and burns... and look what happens one hardly plays at all... they are in on tkachuk but too cheap to give what it takes to get him....And KK what AN overpay still doesnt look like a second line center to me.</div></div>

Ah yes, Montreal went to the final. If it weren’t for Covid, and the divisions didn’t have to be realigned for a season, the Habs wouldn’t have even made the playoffs that year, let alone make the finals. Adding on to that, they were barely able to squeak into the playoffs in the weakest division that year. They also were quite over reliant on Price being unbeatable, much like how the Rangers fell with Lundkvist and Shesterkin, and the Panthers will fall with Bobrovsky.

As for your comments on the Tkachuk trade, would you have taken the package that ended up as the trade, or a package of Necas, 1st, and Morrow, and whatever else was in that package from the Canes? When the trade was made, the Flames took the package that had a winger who just put up 115 points. Is it now looking like a mistake, yes, but the Canes put the pieces out that could have gotten Tkachuk. Same thing with Meier, the pieces were there, but the GM chose the Devils package.

Really, more KK slander? Considering he is already a .5 PPG player while being elite defensively, signed long term on a contract that is already starting to look Really good, and is still improving. If you don’t want to admit that the Habs made a mistake, I don’t care. But you shouldn’t be slandering KK just because the Habs were stupid.
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