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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Reason</b></div><div>Not blatantly ignoring KK at all. Look at teams that have won the cup over the last 7 years, all but one have had legimiate 1-2 pounches. MacKinnon - Kadri, Stamkos - Point, Kuznetsov - Backstrom, Crosby - Malkin. I'm not saying Horvat is on the level of these #2's, but he is significantly closer to that level than KK is.</div></div>

Alright, what do you think a legitimate 1-2 punch is? Because from what I am seeing from your comment, I am thinking that your definition of a “legitimate 1-2 punch” in this situation is to have 2 superstars/stars playing 1-2C. I’m not criticizing you, I am just curious as to what you would call it.

As for the Canes, the Canes are a completely different monster than all the teams you said have a legitimate 1-2 punch. The Canes value depth and balance above all else. They dont have that game changing superstar outside of Slavin, Aho, and Svechnikov, although there are extremely high hopes for Morrow, Kochetkov, and Trikozov. All of the C the Canes have right now are C who are good in the dot, but above everything else, are really good defensively. The Canes system is based on an elite 2-way transition game, and they have only just started to break that trend with the acquisition of Patches. So centers like Sheifele or Dubois, and certain other C, really wouldn’t fit the system the Canes employ. So unless the Canes are going after players like Barkov or ROR, the Cames are unlikely to have that 1-2 punch you are speaking of.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Reason</b></div><div>Some extensions are coming and with that some tough decisions, with that said I feel like CAR has a shot right now. I guess the question for me is, do they add to give their team the best chance at winning in the next two years? Or do they figure they have a shot regardless so they just let it play it out and hope for the best? Correct me if I am wrong but I don't see a legitimate 2C on what is otherwise a very deep roster.
Signing Horvat to an extension means that another piece would have to moved at some point, unless they can find a trade partner for Horvat, but that's not an uncommon predicament to be in for legitimate cup contenders. COL traded for and signed Lehkonen this year and lost Kadri. With the center position being arguably the most important position in hockey, and Drury likely being a few years away from solidifying himself as 2C (im assuming 2C is his projection), I think it could make sense based on the circumstances.</div></div>

Blatantly ignoring KK being the Canes 2C with Necas also likely to get some 2C time. And yeah, he is ready, as when he was put into the top 6 as the 2C last year during the Covid stretch, he performed at about a 1.5PPG pace. Canes have a deep enough C core already, don’t need to waste Necas and a first on Horvat, particularly when they can keep Necas and the first, and resign Staal for cheaper. He isn’t a 30 goal scorer, but he provides everything else that Horvat does, and he would likely do it at a much cheaper rate. If the Canes make a move, it’s for 1 of 2 things: a goal scoring LW, or upgrading their 3rd pairing.