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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>palhal</b></div><div>I disagree with your analysis. Players will be pissed (if by the author's opening comments are accurate) that Nemec deserves to be on the team over four other Dmen..
Players want to win now.
Now if you say Nemec is a minor upgrade over Miller well maybe I can agree with you. But you seem too putting on selfish blinders just to prove yourself right. The author said Nemec is better than FOUR Devils Dmen, three of which will be on the Devils
Sorry, I'm just going by the analysis of a Devils fan who made the post. Yes, players would be pissed if Nemec was sent Utica in place of superior players.
In a non hockey situation"
You would seem justify the hiring a new manager because he is the director's nephew, when four supervisors deserved the job more. Wouldn't all the employees under this new manager be pissed that an underserving person got the job?</div></div>

Nemec is a RHD.

Bahl is a LHD, and the 3rd best LHD the devils have.

is set in stone.

Brendan Smith and Cal Foote are competing for 7D. If nemec is better than them its irrelevant, because it is much better to get him playing RD1 PP1 in utica than standing in the press box.

the RD spot is between Miller and Nemec. That's the battle. If nemec wins it decisively he will be the devils everyday dman. If not he'll go to utica, get his 9 games for NJD at some point, and if he shows enough he'll take the job. Otherwise he will develop in Utica.
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