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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>villenash</b></div><div>I appreciate you trying to tackle all 32 teams-- very brave haha

A few questions:
- Why re-sign Cousins? and why give him a raise?
- Why give Kunin that big of a contract in both dollars and term after the season he just had?
- Why start Glass in the AHL when he was already playing very well last season with 62 points in 66 games?
- Why play Tolvanen on the 4th line?

I'm not a huge fan of the Sturm signing as I find it unnecessary when they have guys like Nurmi, Parssinen, Afanasyev, McCarron, Glass, and others in the system who will be battling for roster spots next season-- I'd probably rather just promote from within when it comes to the 4th line. But it's not a bad price and I could see Sturm being a guy Hynes would like.
I could see them adding another 3rd pairing defenseman, but I think Cole will end up somewhere else.
I like adding Marchment, but that feels like an overpay. My max would probably be around $4m x 3, but FA can get wild.

Hope you're having fun with this series-- it's not easy trying to figure out all 32 teams!</div></div>

I think you kinda answered the Sturm part. Cousins I think they just like and I see it as protection from throwing young guys into the lineup. For the lines I just used daily face off and tried to plug in replacements (Marchment where FF was). I don’t claim to know perfect line chemistry. I’ve been doing 4.5x4 for Marchment in any AGM as I think he’ll have a bidding war. Kunin, I think he will argue to get a contract similar to Laughton and they have similar production. Almost all the signings I do are not really what I think they deserve personally but what I think is plausible especially looking at comparisons.
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