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Here's my take on the Palat trade: from a Red Wings perspective it doesn't make a whole lot of sense. He's a fine player don't get me wrong, and this trade would definitely improve our team. And depending on how much you value Svechnikov, it's basically for free. Personally I still have some hope for Svech so I don't consider it free, but some might. But I don't think there's anyone arguing that Detroit technically "wins" this trade, at least as of now. Despite this, I still wouldn't do it mainly because I just don't want Palat. I don't see how he would be useful in the long run. He most likely would not be a key piece of our team moving forward, so I don't really see why trading assets for him to basically, in my eyes, take up a roster spot, makes a lot of sense for us. That's what free agency is for, and we did that with Ryan and Namestnikov, signing them to much better deals the what Palat has, and we didn't have to spend assets to get them. If we're going to spend assets on anything, I want it to be on pieces that actually have a chance to be contributors to our team 3, 4 years from now. And admittedly, those are very few and far between. Otherwise for me, I'm just gonna stay away, keep my picks, keep drafting, keep developing, and keep the roster open for guys like Lucas or Berggren or anyone else that may pop up and demand a spot. On top of all that, we are taking Palat from a Tampa team that is currently in the depths of cap hell. I'd pay for BriseBois gas if he wants to personally drive him up here, but that's about as much as I'd pay for Palat. And that's no disrespect to the player. I just don't see why we need him.