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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>NHLfan10506</b></div><div>Got a few options for you...

LD Nikita Okhotiuk - physical, two-way LD, currently is top d-man on Devils AHL team, who are currently 10-0 with 1.8 GA/g
LD Michael Vukojevic - a bit of a size/speed/skills raw package that is a project d-man (also childhood friend of Jack Hughes, so maybe we shouldn't).
C Jesper Boqvist - an offensive C that has been a tweener (lights up AHL, hasn't found his groove in NHL).
C Fabian Zetterlund - two-way C making his NHL debut tomorrow. Added 20 lbs in off-season and has been point-per-game so far this year in AHL
C Nate Schnarr - Big body bottom-6er who is blocked by McLeod for 4th line C. Also point-per-game this year. (But is kinda slow).
C/RW - Graeme Clarke - Brandt's bro. Mostly offense, wicked shot, great skating, has dealt with injury woes in recent years (and also, childhood friend of Jack Hughes).

Any of those guys work?</div></div>

I like the sounds of Okhotiuk and Boqvist. We need better D men in the pipeline and I think Okhotiuk could be just the guy. We have really limited options behind Brown on the left and most of our prospect D are undersized skill guys.

Boqvist as a tweener sounds like an interesting guy. There's always players like that but sometimes a change of scenery can light the spark. We really need a C1/2 prospect out of this trade if we go C. So he could be that guy.

Personally I'd take either of these guys and a second for Fiala if he has the down year he's trending towards. If he comes back to scoring that would need to be a first. But I'm really good with these options. If you don't like the first, we could do Okhotiuk and Nate Schnarr.
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