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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>dannibalcorpse</b></div><div>I'm well aware of how he fits into the team and what his game is, but I'm also aware of the fact that he is a highly physical forward on the wrong side of 30, and his contract is up after next season - and, again, is probably at the height of his value. He's a 25-30 point player riding incredible shooting numbers to look like a 20 goal guy - regardless of how important you claim he is to the team, a 2023 1st rounder and a top-6 forward prospect is an incredible offer for a guy like this.

I totally get loving a guy like this, and how you never want to move your "heart and soul" players, but saying the Wild aren't moving him short of an overpayment when OP has Edmonton offering a 2023 1st (so you'd have a pair of 1sts in an incredibly deep draft) and a player drafted in the 1st round last year who is projected as a top-6 player is ridiculous. You're basically asking for a bigger package for Foligno than what the Wild got for Fiala, you realize that right?</div></div>

Dude Guerin turned down a 1st round pick and more for foligno before. Get out of here with this bs . Guerin resign player's he loves and Marcus foligno will be resigned. Our 2nd / 3rd line also isn't getting broken up. It's laughable you think our gm gives a damn about anything you are mentioning. Again deal with it. Foligno isn't available. Not going anywhere short of overpayment,, that has always been the comment because he's not getting traded. Wild aren't rebuilding. Their 1c is Rossi,

You might want to go over all foligno trade made by others and see what the comment is. Short of overpayment, he's not getting traded. Simply, it's not worth it for the other team. Foligno will not go anywhere as long Zuccarello, kaprizov, Jordan greenway, Eriksson Ek, and Hartman are here. He's also here to protect our prized superstar . Guerin never valued fiala which is why he was moved
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