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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>larter232</b></div><div>Ill go in order from top to bottom just to keep it clean

Very fair not to like it, and i dont really have a good option right now for deadline targeting because well its not the deadline and i have no idead who is actually gonna be a good team this year.

That LW is the weakest spot on the roster which is why i wouldnt hate trying to really buff it up at the deadline, i think the team will be good enough to make the playoffs despite the lw.

Robertson had been cleared of injury and ritchie on line 2 i think only happens if kerfoot is traded, but i think he can make it there his speed becomes less of an issue on the second line as its not a particularly fast line.

Frankly most of this post was to see the value of anderson and abramov, this is genuinly the first im hearing of either of them being close to nhl level, which knowing that i wouldnt trade them at all.

The only part i disagree with is the picks value at the deadline picks are pretty important to getting good players while retaining depth, now those specific picks may be weaker but they act as a suppliment to the 3 picks the leafs actually have.

All in all i enjoy the discussion, and appreciate the points you have made!</div></div>

I would want to make room for Robertson as well, I just don't know if they want to do that. Overall I would just be worried if Robertson starts in the AHL and Ritchie can't play in the top6 (consistently at least). In that case I would go Kerfoot-JT-Nylander. I liked the look of that line before and think Kerfoot's skill is a good fit next to them. Totally agree with you about getting someone at the deadline for LW. And your argument of moving Kerfoot has merit in case you can't build enough cap to get someone like Forsberg, Gaudreau, Domi, or whoever. In that case the other team has to take Kerfoot back or you have to move him in a different deal. Maybe that's tough at the deadline. I should not have dismissed that so quickly.
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