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22 juin 2017
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Nhl_oilers</b></div><div>Raymond is good, but I wouldn’t say he’s a top 10 player after 13 games. He has to play a few seasons to be a top 10 player, and he has to be good in my opinion. Draisaitl is a center man, as he has only been on the wing on some home games this season. Even if he was a left winger, he would definitely be the best! There is no way Fox is the best RHD in the league. He’s good, but guys like Pietrangelo, McAvoy, Makar, etc are better in my opinion. It’s also too soon for Seider, and Sorokin. Andersen is not that good, but he’s decent. In the playoffs he hasn’t been the best. Hellebuyck is definitely better than a lot of those goalies. And that’s all I will comment about, as I don’t agree with some. We all have our opinions, but I feel like some of this is a reach. Some of these guys have the potential to be that good, but they are not right now.</div></div>

I'm not an oilers fan, but for all of their games that I have watched, Drai was playing at McDavid's LW.

I understand your take on Fox, he's not my favourite defender either. (if Makar wasn't injured he would be my # 1). But he won the Norris last year and he's having a great start to the season, which confirms his worth.

I agree with you that Raymond and Seider are very young, but I wanted to highlight their excellent season starts. This argue is the same for Andersen, Markstrom and Merzlikins, I do like Hellebuyck a lot but he's having an awful season beginning. If I'd have place Hellebuyck before thse goalies, their fans would have ripped my head off.
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