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Lifelong hockey fan, rooted for the Rags until 82 and jumped ship...thank god!
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>KenDaneykosDentist</b></div><div>I’ve seen you and zyyyp say this on every Devils thread that dares to make moves to help the team now. Do you really think the Devils are that terrible? Did you think they were awful entering the season after Subban Hughes and Gusev? Are they all busts after disappointing seasons? <strong>The Devils were horrible to start the season and finished strong. The Subban move looks bad, the Gusev move is great, Hughes needs 30 lbs and 4 days at the gym! Do you think this team is ready to contend next year? Wow! Other than Severson (not counting Smitty) the whole D should be jettisoned! </strong>

Sick and tired of it. Yes the team fell flat on its face to start the season and stuck with an awful system that consistently left their D overmatched. But this is the NHL, there is really great parity. Look at all the teams who have traded future firsts and crashed. <strong>So I don't get your point, I am saying (zyyyp is too) don't trade firsts build on them and is JG is availble for cheaper (he will be) and we have grown our assets to be players, THEN you can move a first and change. Doing so now is dumb. You have your centers figured out and ideally the goalie, that's it!</strong>

I get you’re probably upset that the season sucked and they will likely lose the lotto tomorrow, but if you’re going to act as an authority on what the Devils might do this off-season, and comment on every post, at least give them a chance.</div></div> <strong>I have watched this team since day 1 as a season ticket holder, "authority" is too strong but I've been here for a while! We have been building for 7 friggin years, its not just this one! You want to move for JG and if they tank two more yrs he's gone, what do you have then, NOTHING! Get your house in order, get a President, a GM, a coach and start to move towards it. I don't want to trade any player who is showing promise but make moves that will bear fruit in 1-2 yrs, use your cap to your advantage, take some contracts for some young players, like they did with Palms (perfect example)</strong>