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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>drmantalban</b></div><div>I have a crackpot theory that Eichel is gonna return to form and that Vegas will shop him during his last year (25-26), which is also Kaprizov's last year. It's also when the Suter/Parise buyouts drop off a cliff and the cap will be much higher.

I think he comes to MN as a rental for an all-in year.

The rumors were swirling that Guerin was in on him before, but the money and timing just didn't work out. I think 25-26 will be cup or bust, and could be another pivot point in the franchise - Guerin will be 5-6 years into the job, Kap may or may not re-up, Brackett era prospects should be hitting maturity. A lot of current storylines will be coming to fruition around then, and in my mind, would be a fitting little twist to the Guerin era.

edit - 25-26, not 24-25</div></div>

I wouldn’t be against it but I think there will be better options than Eichel at that point. Matthews might walk from Toronto, Pasta might walk from Boston, Aho might walk from Carolina, Draisaitl might walk from Edmonton. I think the 24-25 season or 25-26 season is the time for Guerin to go big in free agency or the trade market to acquire an elite 1C or elite right handed winger. I actually think the 2025-2026 season will be the start of our cup window rather than a cup or bust year with guys like Wallstedt, Rossi, Boldy, Yurov, Faber, Lambos, Ohgren, Khusnutdinov, and others fully establishing themselves into the NHL. If you can add a player like Matthews, Aho, or Draisaitl to that core, they legitimately could be a wagon. And that’s not even mentioning the vets that will likely still be on the team like Brodin, EK, Spurgeon, and Hartman. If that isn’t enough to convince Kaprizov to re-sign, I don’t know what is.

Also, whoever our 2023 1st round draft pick is will hopefully be on the team by that time, which could be huge given how deep this upcoming draft is.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>LetsPlayThatHockey</b></div><div>Are we allergic to Right Handed forwards? That is the only thing I would say about our forward core. This gives me some home and the fact are cap hell should be on the way out and we could sign an UFA. I still think we might be a little weak down the middle especially toward the bottom 6. So a larger Right Handed Center would be nice. I know they mentioned during the the draft the Yurov could possibly move to center has the skill set.

I think the addition of more Russians and hopefully competing toward a cup and a large check could keep Kirill. Got to keep the hope.

Side note I think BG has done well with keeping the team relatively competitive especially with the massive cap penalties. But I think this year will be the first true test.

One question if Kirill for some reason can’t get over does anyone know what happens? In terms of cap? Because if he can’t get over I wouldn’t mind a tank and try to get a lottery pick. And trading Dumba at the deadline.</div></div>

We have Haight who according to top analysts is a prime player to breakout in the OHL this season, he’s a right handed center who had a top 10 skill set in this draft but just didn’t put together the point production to match it so he fell to the 2nd round.

Adding Yurov and Khusnutdinov to the team within the next 2-3 could be huge in the potential re-signing of Kaprizov when his contract is up.

BG and Brackett have been doing business the right way by keeping their draft picks and stockpiling talented prospects, they’re the future of the franchise after all.

As for the Kaprizov situation, who knows if he makes it over or not, only time will tell but if he doesn’t I would assume he would stay under contract but this year of the contract would either go void or rollover into whenever he can get back over here to play, I highly doubt he will be “trapped” in Russia for long (if at all). I also think that Dumba will be traded at the deadline regardless of whether or not we are a playoff team. Everybody knows playoff teams overpay at the deadline and if you can pick up a late 2023 1st for Dumba then that’s a huge win considering how deep the 2023 draft is plus we have Addison and Faber who both will be on the team to start the 23-24 season.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Hurricanes73</b></div><div>Ngl when Matthews is a free agent, I see him getting the richest contract in league history. I’d expect 14m minimum. He’s definitely leaving the leafs for the states but it’s hard to see where he would go. He’s from AZ so if they are on the upwards trend by then it could be there but tbh so many teams have the ability to get him. Cant count out the kings there but they are probably out because byfield and turcotte will be NHLers and damn good ones at that. Also don’t see it as wise to sign matthews even tho there is the cap, yurov, Rossi, ohgren, faber, lambos, and wallstedt will demand pay raises within 1-3 years after. Obviously that is assuming they all pan out but the one definite imo is Rossi. He honestly could’ve gone top 3 if he was healthy. Rossi imo could be a top 3 player from that draft. Mind you looking at it 2 years later, the draft had a loaded lottery. As of this moment Laf may have been the worst player in that top 15 if he doesn’t turn his career around. With stutzle, Raymond, drysdale, lundell and Jarvis already being better NHL producers than him it’s nuts. Byfield underperformed in his NHL season but I still view him as having higher upside than Laf. With quinn holtz Rossi perfetti and Holloway all tearing up the AHL last year in that order, I see them doing great in the NHL next season. Sanderson preformed well in the NCAA last season and should be a good NHLer as well. That leaves only askarov and Amirov to make the NHL jump but they are Russian meaning it will probably not be next year and Amirov was held back due to a brain tumor this past year. Honestly the top 2 picks at the moment are shaping out to be the worst lottery picks but I expect byfield to make a massive jump next year. This is a great draft class so far and it’s rare to see the worst lottery talent at the top in a good class. Very interesting stuff. Sorry for the tangent bro</div></div>

It’s all good man😂😂

But yeah I agree with you on the Matthews point, I just did it to represent all that money they would have to use in free agency with all the young kids being on ELCs. You gotta remember that the cap will continue to raise now that the NHL is finally recovering from the financial blow of Covid. I also expect some of those guys like Rossi, Faber, Lambos, Yurov, Ohgren, and Khusnutdinov to sign bridge deals after their ELCs end. I think Wallstedt probably will get a full 8 year deal worth the bag after his ELC ends though.