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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Clarky11</b></div><div>So let me get this straight. The Flyers are giving up their young franchise goalie, and their (also young) number one D man for…a (bad) back up goalie, the second coming of Nolan Patrick, a (probably) late second round pick, an okay D man and Clarke. I mean Clarke is good but he’s still just a prospect. the rest are just throw ins. No thanks.</div></div>

Umm you ok bro.

Hart is no where close to a “young franchise goalie”. He’s awful.

2020-21: .887 SV%, 3.67 GAA
2021-22: .905 SV%, 2.64 GAA

He’s nowhere and I mean nowhere close to a young franchise goalie. He also 24.

He might be their No.1 d-man but he isn’t the greatest.

2020-21: 56GP 7G 19A 26PTS. +4 +/-, 5.6 S%.
2021-22: 79GP 9G 22A 31PTS. -20 +/-, 5.3 S%.

Peterson isn’t “bad” goalie. IMO, he’s better than hart.

2020-21: .911 SV%, 2.89 GAA
2021-22: .895 SV%, 2.89 GAA

Bro Clarke is a possible top 4 d-man on a team what you mean by a “ok d-man”.

2020-21: 26GP 5G 10A 15PTS. +6+/-. Team: MHC Nkve Zanky
2020-21: 7GP 2G 5A 7PTS. +12 +/-. Team: Canada U18
2021-22: 54GP 11G 48A 59PTS. +11 +/-. Team: Barrie Coltz

Turcotte isn’t a throw in. What the hell are you talking about.

He’s a really hyped prospect and he’s had many flashes of being a top 50 player eventually in the NHL.

2020-21: 32GP 6G 15A 21PTS. -2 +/-.
2020-21: 7GP 3G 5A 8PTS. +8 in +/-. Team: USA U20
2021-22: 27GP 6G 12A 18PTs. +16 +/-.

You may think that’s not the best well your wrong.

In 2017-18 on the USA National team U17 he has 43PTS in 39GP.
In 2018-2019 on the USNTDP juniors he has 34PTS in 16GP.
In 2018-19 on the USA National team U18 he has 64PTS in 37GP.

The 2nd may be late but it won’t be useless. The 59th pick would be most likely Lenni Hameenhao. He’s a 6ft 0in RW from Finland.

Wagner is a solid bottom six forward that I think Tortz would love to have in the lineup.

Don’t know what world you live in but by research the Flyers don’t decline this. The Kings do!
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