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Buffalo Sabres: Tage Thompson left yesterdays game with an Upper Body Injury. This could possibly affect Buffalos WC race. The Buffalo Sabres have also been checking out Timo Meier.

Colorado Avalanche: Avs players Val Nichushkin, Bowen Bryam and Josh Manson were skating yesterday. This is very good news for Avs fans as right now they are the 2nd WC seed.

Columbus Blue Jackets: Blue Jackets forward Gustav Nyquist could be out for the rest of the season with a shoulder injury. (He does not need surgery). If he recovered he could play the final two weeks of the season. This could make him a potential trade target at the upcoming deadline.

Vegas Golden Knights: Mark Stone just had Surgery on his back and is possibly out for the rest of the season and could be placed on LTIR. This is good news and bad news. This gives the Knights a considerable amount of cap space but this could by costly when the playoffs arrive.

Boston Bruins: The Boston Bruins are most likely making a run for the cup once the playoffs arrive. The Bruins could possibly trade for some players at the deadline to increase their chance of raising the trophy. Player such as M.Domi, I.Barbashev, O.Sundqvist, J.Roslovic, N.Bjugstad, R.O’Rielly, K.Labanc, and C.White.

New York Islanders: Extension talks with newly acquired forward Bo Horvat are not going to plan. If they fall out of the playoff race they will trade him for assets. The Islander could also land one of Tarasenko or Meier at the deadline.

Philadelphia Flyers: The Flyers will most likely be sellers at the upcoming deadline.

San Jose Sharks: It seem that whoever ends up getting forward Timo Meier will give him a contract extension.

New York Rangers: The Rangers could possibly flip one of F.Chytil, K.Miller or Laffy at the deadline.

Los Angeles Kings: Goaltender Jonathan Quick could retire after this season. This means the Kings would need to find another starting goalie. The option right now is Habs goalie Jake Allen.
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Wanted to give my thoughts on one player which is Alexander Alexeyev. Why, because I think he is a solid prospect and could be a solid bottom 4 d-man in the future for the Caps.

A.Alexeyev. Alexeyev has only played one game in the NHL so far this season and four in the AHL recording on 1 singular point.

Season stats:

2019-20: 58 GP, 3G, 18A, 21P. He recorded a +8 in +/-. He played with the Bears this season only.
2020-21: 12 GP, 2G, 7A, 9P. He recorded a +11 in +/-. Statistically, Alexeyev had a better 2020-21 season with the Bears than last. He also played with Salavat Yulaev Ufa in the KHL and he also played with Russia in the EHT.
2020-21: 55GP, 8G, 8A, 16P. He recorded a +3 in +/-. He played with Salavart this season where they made the playoffs but lost in the second round. He recorded a point in nine games and a -3 in +/-.
2020-21: 2GP, 0G, 0A, 0P. He recorded a -2 in +/-.
2021-22: 1GP, 0G, 0A, 0P. He recorded a straight 0 in +/-. This was his first ever season where he played in the NHL. He also played with the Bears this season as well.
2021-22: 68GP, 1G, 18A, 19P. He recorded a +6 in +/-. He played with the Bears.
After research 2020 was his best year yet. I would give him around what you paid him which was $850Kx2Y. I would pay him a bit less however. About 17K less. The grand total of his cash would be $833K. I would also raise the years however. I would raise the years by 1, that would be now three years. The grand total would now be, $833Kx3Y. Otherwise know as 833K for 3 years.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Clarky11</b></div><div>So let me get this straight. The Flyers are giving up their young franchise goalie, and their (also young) number one D man for…a (bad) back up goalie, the second coming of Nolan Patrick, a (probably) late second round pick, an okay D man and Clarke. I mean Clarke is good but he’s still just a prospect. the rest are just throw ins. No thanks.</div></div>

Umm you ok bro.

Hart is no where close to a “young franchise goalie”. He’s awful.

2020-21: .887 SV%, 3.67 GAA
2021-22: .905 SV%, 2.64 GAA

He’s nowhere and I mean nowhere close to a young franchise goalie. He also 24.

He might be their No.1 d-man but he isn’t the greatest.

2020-21: 56GP 7G 19A 26PTS. +4 +/-, 5.6 S%.
2021-22: 79GP 9G 22A 31PTS. -20 +/-, 5.3 S%.

Peterson isn’t “bad” goalie. IMO, he’s better than hart.

2020-21: .911 SV%, 2.89 GAA
2021-22: .895 SV%, 2.89 GAA

Bro Clarke is a possible top 4 d-man on a team what you mean by a “ok d-man”.

2020-21: 26GP 5G 10A 15PTS. +6+/-. Team: MHC Nkve Zanky
2020-21: 7GP 2G 5A 7PTS. +12 +/-. Team: Canada U18
2021-22: 54GP 11G 48A 59PTS. +11 +/-. Team: Barrie Coltz

Turcotte isn’t a throw in. What the hell are you talking about.

He’s a really hyped prospect and he’s had many flashes of being a top 50 player eventually in the NHL.

2020-21: 32GP 6G 15A 21PTS. -2 +/-.
2020-21: 7GP 3G 5A 8PTS. +8 in +/-. Team: USA U20
2021-22: 27GP 6G 12A 18PTs. +16 +/-.

You may think that’s not the best well your wrong.

In 2017-18 on the USA National team U17 he has 43PTS in 39GP.
In 2018-2019 on the USNTDP juniors he has 34PTS in 16GP.
In 2018-19 on the USA National team U18 he has 64PTS in 37GP.

The 2nd may be late but it won’t be useless. The 59th pick would be most likely Lenni Hameenhao. He’s a 6ft 0in RW from Finland.

Wagner is a solid bottom six forward that I think Tortz would love to have in the lineup.

Don’t know what world you live in but by research the Flyers don’t decline this. The Kings do!
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