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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>SupremeBone</b></div><div>Yes, older by almost 3 years (July '99 Vs Oct '96). It makes a difference.
Yes, he's an RFA without arbitration rights and a 10mil QO (which practically guarantees him 10+mil/yr).
Yes, cap space that they'll also have if they can come to terms on a 1yr extension only to renegotiate next year which would still have them in a more advantageous position than with Meier.

And no, he doesn't have the kind of pre-established chemistry as a line that the trio of Robertson-Hintz-Pavelski has; we're talking about something like a top-10 or maybe even top-5 line in the league (haven't really done a thorough analysis). Maybe Meier could step in and have a similar impact to Robertson but the point is it's not a guarantee the way Robertson is and, hence, is a risk.

You can try to diminish each of these factors all you want, but it won't negate the fact that each IS a factor that makes a difference in the evaluation of a proposed trade. Also, he's not "my guy"; I'm an Oilers fan.</div></div>

a QO does not guaranty him 10 mil a year, it guaranty’s 1 year at 10 or he can sign a long term contract. and 3 years is a lot if he’s 30 but the guy is 26 you sign him 7-8 years at 27 and his deal is up in his age 33 or 34 season which is ideal.
I only broach this idea as an option rather than him holding out this year or getting a qualifying offer from someone else.

again this is purely hypothetical but the truth is Roberts or Meier either or won’t change your top line production much and both have 6+ prime years.
as for chemistry, Meier and Pavelski played on a line together in san jose and had good chemistry so I doubt the chemistry thing would be an issue. you at least now have a top line signed instead of missing your LW for the year.
now if Dallas can find a way to sign Roberts then this is all pointless but if they can’t this might work out for both teams.
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