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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>CMcAvoy73</b></div><div>Hitting isn’t synonymous with being hard to play against dude. Neither is PIMs. Neither are fights. I think it’s time to take the eyes off the stat sheet and onto the ice.

That also wasn’t the play i was referring to with kadri.</div></div>

I think you will be very hard pressed to find anyone that think Debrusk is hard to play against. Cassidy sat him because he was coasting. Including in the playoffs. Coyle does not hit anything or get a PIM's, he is hard to play against. Hence why he didn't sit in the playoffs. The effort and willingness was always there.

In reference to taking my eyes off the stat sheet - What are you talking about. YOU mentioned Debrusk's mean streak - hence me bringing up PIM's and Fights. David Krejci didn't hit anything either, but if he went into a corner, the Bruins were coming out with control more often than not. When Debrusk goes into a corner the other team is breaking out and JD is probably sitting on his butt adjusting his helmet.

“We just feel we’re not getting the effort required,” Cassidy added. “It’s not always about the scoresheet. It’s about being one of 20 guys helping you win, and sometimes it’s there, and sometimes it’s not. We’ve tried different messaging with the player and sometimes going upstairs and taking a look is not a bad way to go to put a different perspective on it. Maybe he’ll have a better appreciation for being in [the lineup] and then maybe educating yourself on what you see up top than you do in live action.”

He was benched multiple times after this.

Also for poops and giggles - what Kadri play were you talking about?
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>vikhodush</b></div><div>Oh absolutely, I was just about to put that in my last post but clicked submit too soon. Although, if he's lighting it up again do you think he would be moved? I would think he's only moved if he's not playing well or if he's just playing so so.</div></div>

I think the Bruins want to move him because he is not their "type" of player. I am guessing their best case scenario is he gets off to a hot start and they move him.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>CMcAvoy73</b></div><div>A lot of people may disagree with me, but i think the decision has been made to see what happens with debrusk in Boston, and if the center situation doesn’t work out, then he’ll be a trade chip come deadline time.</div></div>

I think the decision has been made, but they won't act on it while his value is low. I think they have a value they want in return and teams are nowhere really near that right now. The Bruins will be fine at center next year. I get the concern, but Krejci wasn't very good last year until Hall's arrival. .65ppg before and 1.35ppg after. I think that was largely due to his wingers, but that being said; Hall can and did drive a lot of the play, and the Bruins were able to be top 2 team in division for most of the season while getting very little from 2C &amp; 3C.

Coyle should better now he is a healthy and has better wings. Haula was the 2C on Vegas in their Cup run and Studnicka appears ready to create a competition. Lysell doesn't seem years away either.

Hall's MVP season, I believe he had a rookie Hirschier as his center. It was Hirschier most productive year. That wasn't that long ago. I feel like everyone forgot just how good Hall is and are judging him on his seasons in Buffalo and Arizona. Those places aren't going to help anyone. If Chychrun was in any other Market he would be talked about like McAvoy.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>mvp13</b></div><div>Damn, quiet day in Boston, eh? Quite the gangbang we got going here.

&gt;I'm not saying he's a bust, I'm saying he's been pretty over-rated in the trades I've seen. Case in point being this one here. BUF loses this trade quite handsomely, and the trade guy is trying to say this is some kind of overpayment
&gt;You're definitely right on the statement of people making their opinions on numbers and whatnot... even though your counter argument is all about numbers, but we'll let that go... admittedly, my most time seeing him in the regular season was last year. And I understand covid being a big factor and whatnot. But I've seen him in the playoffs all the years before, and he's never stood out to me then. The numbers verify that. There is probably a big reason why every year they go out for a big rental on the wing, and especially going for Hall long term
&gt;His other regular season numbers besides last year, all look good. But, "GOOD". Not an Eichel overpay. Not a bust. Good. If you want to be mad at everyone else's comments, that's fine, but go harass them. I really don't think I'm saying much off the board here.
&gt;Since for whatever reason Buchneivich has entered the conversation, you can go through my armchair GM teams and look at all my Eichel trades... they were Buch + WAY more than what is being offered on this trade. Buch also has intangibles that don't show up on the scoresheet, such as his PK prowess and two-way game. I have not seen that in Debrusk</div></div>

Yeah - He is a young roster piece that is often included because of upside and it helps to make Eichel's cap hit work.

It seems to be the Buffalo fans that over rate all of their trades. I mean congrats on Risto - as anything more than a 3rd was a steal, but I can't think of another trade any Sabres fans came within two miles of getting right.

Eichel will not get what you think he is worth for a couple reasons. 1) Injury is a big one. 2) Cap hit is another. Especially when you pair with a possible catastrophic neck injury. Not a lot of teams have 10m lying around. The ones that do all have guys that need to get paid soon &amp; their guys are known and healthy. 3) He hasn't carried his team to a single playoff game. Now, this is a big one. again - limiting trade partners. If you want a team to give up X, Y &amp; Z to obtain Eichel, they have to look at say last years Sabres and say Geesh - on paper, that team should have done a lot better. Hall, EIchel, Dahlin, Ullmark, Reinhart, Olofsson. So a team like Arizona is out because well they can't field anything close to that if they dealt for EIchel.

Buffalo is going to lose any trade for Eichel. By a lot (if he is healthy). The biggest issue is Buffalo needs to show the rest of the NHL he is healthy and I don't see a scenario where that happens. Think of it like buying a house at auction. You just don't know...
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