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22 jun 2016
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Bruins de Boston
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>RoyalBlueSabres</b></div><div>You're right the thought of McAvoy is joke cause that wouldn't be close either.
You are absolutely wrong about eichel not being in that category.
McDavid and MacKinnon are clear cut above the rest.
Next tier would be drai eichel Matthew's point and schieffle.
Eichel is 24 under contract for 5 years. Don't compare to ROR this situation isn't remotely close. And neither are the players.

Eichel won't be traded for anything less than a potential replacement and some secondary pieces. Boston does not have anything remotely close to fit that mold. They won't want current players and won't want defense they have their #1 they will work around with dahlin. So why would your 1c return a #2 dman. It doesn't make sense.

I think I have been more than reasonable with the prospect of trading eichel but please not even adding your beat prospect is an insult</div></div>

I didn't say this trade would work, but it will be something close. I guess we will see. I actually think you are getting Boston's best prospect in Vaakaninen. If you are talking about Studnicka -- ok, I get that, and I agree he would be coming back in an Eichel Deal.

Eichel really isn't that top tier, he isn't. He isn't in the second if you separate McDavid and McKinnon0 I would actually put Draisaitl in this category. I think he could get there, but those guys got their teams to the playoffs. Eichel has not. There is talent around him.

Eichel is about a top 20 center in the league right now. Here is my top 10 young centers: Obvious not included.

2. McKinnon
3. Draisaitl
4. Matthews
5. Barkov
6. Schiefele
7. Point
8. Petterson
9. Kunetsov
10. EIchel/ Coutourier/Aho
Forum: Armchair-GM27 fév à 10 h 50
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Shane_Kelly</b></div><div>First, I think Debrusk is a picee in the Hertl deal, hence the two 2nds to go with it. And Having someone who is elite defensively but doesn't produce is not what the Bruins need. They need someone not names Marchand Bergeron and Pastrnak to score. They don't have that. With this aging core, they can't wait around for these guys like Debrusk Kase and Bjork to find their scoring touch. They just don't have that time. If they want to win the cup one more time, then they have to sacrifice a piece like Debrusk or Kase or Bjork or Vaak or a 1st to do so.</div></div>

I don't disagree with moving on, per say. I think the Bruins would be selling very low on Kase. As you would Debrusk. I think they are both better than they have played, but I honestly think Kase ceiling is much higher. I think if you can get Kase healthy, he will be that secondary scoring. I don't want to give up the assets for as similar player. Hertl has also had troubles staying healthy and has only really had one season where he scored. He has one season with more than 22 goals. I believe both Kase and Debrusk could do that. I understand the center aspect, but... Krejci for one more at 5m is a good thing. He is still a 50-60pt center and has always been a playoff beast. Hertl will be UFA and seeking $. Again, I like him, but 1 season with more than 22 goals amd 1 50pts season.

Why Trade Bjork now? I mean obviously if you can get a team to pay on potential, then by all means, but not as an add on. He is cheap and finally playing well.

He is also a potential Seattle pick or lure away from Zboril/Lauzon. Doubtful, but maybe.

I need to see where they are closer to deadline. I am feeling more comfortable with Studnicka. This call up has been noticeably different.