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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>bhavikp27</b></div><div>Likely, but to let you know, there's a gap between Zboril and Vaakanainen in terms of potential. Zboril was better this year in the AHL but much more chances Vaakanainen becomes a top4 defensive D. Zboril, 3rd pair at best. He is also waivers eligible next year so that's assuming he isn't claimed.</div></div>

Y'all bail on Defensemen too soon. Zboril is 23. I am not saying he will be (he won't) but look at Hedman and Jones, Both were mildly disappointing in their first couple years and they were a lot more highly touted. I don't think it's unreasonable for a dman to take until 25 to fully develop.

Point being, He could easily be a 2nd pairing guy. Let's give him some time. He has had three solid AHL seasons. He has been a part of their black Aces, They just have a ton of Defensive depth. He would have been in NHL on Most other teams.

"June 2020 – Zboril finished his season with three goals and 19 points in 58 games for Providence. His point totals for each of his three AHL campaigns has remained identical, and while he has not proven to be a major offensive contributor for his team, he has taken strides to round out his defensive game. He managed a career-high plus-20 rating in 2019-2020, while also becoming a more physical player, adding 46 PIM. An RFA this offseason, Zboril should get a modest extension that will allow him to continue his professional development. He had a good training camp last year, and will likely push for a full time NHL

Zboril does not excel in any particular area of the game, but also has no glaring weaknesses. His overall ability should make him a lock for top-four duty in the NHL sooner than later".

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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Stanley_Cup_To_Manhattan</b></div><div>hahaha. Nobody in Buffalo thought Tage freaking Thompson had a first line potential. We don't care how you value Studnicka. He's not gonna beat out some other offers teams and he isn't gonna a top 6 player in Boston anyway.</div></div>


No what returns a huge value. A guy that everyone knows wants out.

Studnicka is going to be a top 6 player in Boston. Possibly as soon as next year. He was already out there on the PP in the playoffs. It seems like you missed the parts where he was called the best player on the ice at the the WJC (by far). You see when you have a good team, you really don't need to rush guys. Give them time to develop. Bruins got burned by moving some guys a little too early (Wheeler, Smith) and they aren't going to let it happen again.

Again, I don't know what you think you could get back, but it's not as much as you think. He is clearly not good enough to do it on his own, so I am not sure who would be lining up to give you 3x the value. Unless you can get a 1 for 1 trade with some other unhappy Center, you are not going to get what you think is a good return. Go ahead, wait it out, until he demands the trade. return will be fantastic.

So, please go ahead and tell me a trade you would envison or be ok with. I can't find a trade partner that fits what you want. Maybe Pierre Luc Dubois or Monahan, but I don't think CBJ does that and Monaham isn't he answer.

Detroit, but It doesn't make sense for them if they move Larkin. They are slightly better, but still not good. Velano was out scored by Studnicka so he isn't the one.

Ryan Johansen and ?

you will not get (McDavid, McKinnon, Draisaitl, Barzal, Barkov, Point, Aho, Peterson)
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