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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>RazWild</b></div><div>I know you didn't just try to imply that <strong><em>Tanner Pearson</em></strong> is <strong>better</strong> than Marcus Foligno.

Petan is literally just here strictly as an injury call up while Hartman is out. Saying Pearson is better than him is like saying peanut butter tastes good. Blatantly obvious.

Comparing Pearson to Reaves is an odd statement. Reaves is an enforcer, he's literally only there to police the ice and punch idiots faces in when they decide to take liberties with our players. Pearson is the better hockey player, but they play two very different roles. It's apple's to oranges. Although Reaves throws out hits on opponents a lot more than Pearson does.

But you must be smoking some good sh*t if you actually believe for even a second that Pearson is better than Foligno. Foligno is one of the best defensive forwards in hockey and has been for the last 3 years. He's also routinely top ten in hits as well. In what justifiable universe is Tanner Pearson better than Marcus Foligno?</div></div>

In the description I said bottom 6 (the group). To the response above, which is just the same crap nonsense of 'cap dump' without thought, I said names I could think of at the moment.

To you, holy ****! Lol I feel the Foligno love and....

I 100% agree with you. He has made a huge impact against opposing teams during his time on the Wild. Very solid hockey player.

I think Hartman would be top line unless Rossi is going to push him out or Hartman goes to the wing. I don't know if Steel/Reaves etc are for long in Mini. Maybe Steel competing for 4th line time/13th forward.

Fair to say apples to oranges between Reaves and Pearson.

I was thinking about the Wild and their cap situation while aiming to remain competitive and bring up young talent. Pearson at 1.6m is good value and late pick worthy. Solid, responsible game that can move up and down the line up. Thought there could be a fit from an outsider view of the Wild organization.
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