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5 fév 2019
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Maple Leafs de Toronto
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Bcarlo25</b></div><div>Meh. A couple of these guys were really good for a window. I guess Vlasic did have a few really good years.

The guy that I’m really going to reject is Reilly. He had one awesome season. One.</div></div>

Reilly has been amazing playing with players who had no business on the top line. The best partner Reilly has had was Ron Hainsey. Morgan Reilly has been an amazing D-man and put up with being the only top D on the team period. The only way Reilly legitimately doesn't make this list is if you think Dmen shouldn't have any defensive skills period and they are just relocated forwards. He's been a defensive D when needed an offensive risk-taking D and excelled at it and made both work and has done both at various times. Without Reilly, the Leafs wouldn't be winning any games period. The only decent defenseman they would have had at all would have been Muzzin.

In my opinion, the fact that the Leafs have managed to get the wins they have and the playoff appearances they have is entirely Reilly and Andersen aside from their ability to generate offence. Without Reilly and Andersen the Leafs would have shown Detroit how to really be the worst team despite having the offence they do. Reilly absolutely should be on this list. If you don't get that your insane bias or you just know nothing about hockey. The Leafs complete inability to find a decent RHD until recently is a bad joke and has been the vast majority of their problem.