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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>yikes</b></div><div>Elliotte has said Carolina - among a handful of other teams took a run at Ferraro to acquire him, and are still looking at a deal. He’s said this has caused more teams to check in.

Other night he said Ferraro would be quite expensive, and personally I say we can use Hronek as a comparison in trade value (1st + 2nd) - however you could argue Ferraro could see a first and a high prospect due to the:

- 3m AAV
- Signed through this year, next year, and the year after
- being a defence/ block first player who’s regularly logged over 20min before on a bad team

Either way they are different players. Hronek was more of a producer, with no term. Ferraro has term and is cheap but isn’t going to slap up 40-50 points. I’d expect Grier is looking at an equal value to Hronek.

My guess is Grier is looking at Morrow and a first from Carolina which is why the deal obviously hasn’t been done yet. With more teams calling, it will be interesting.

My opinion is that Toronto could do something crazy.

Ferraro and Chris Tanev (2.25 retained by CGY, 1.125 retained by SJS). The 3 way deal they wanted to get done with Tanev and Zadorov which didn’t cross the line, could be done with the SJS and CGY. San Jose would be able to give Thrun or Shakir NHL playing time as a result.


The new future in Toronto having a D core of:

Rielly - Brodie (quality top pair)
Ferraro - Tanev (shutdown pair)
McCabe - Lili (rewarding 3rd pair)

And I would bet Toronto would throw up both their firsts and maybe Topi to get the deal across the finish line. They resign Brodie for hopefully cheap and try to see if Tanev takes a team friendly deal. Could be the D line Toronto needs to win a cup.</div></div>

I'd absolutely love Ferraro in Toronto, and he would definition return some nice value based on the contract alone, but I can't really see the return being much more than a 1st and maybe another pick. He and Tanev would be a really nice pair. As soon as it was reported that San Jose was looking at moving a defenseman, I immediately thought of how great Ferraro would be.

If that's the cost so be it, but I can't see the Leafs also going out and adding Tanev if that's the case. Niemela is a no go as far as trade pieces go