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Sujet: Off-season
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Jukesy</b></div><div>I like this team I just dont know how it all fits together...

So you bring in Bear? Love it. But you keep Marino? You only bring in Bear if you dish Marino...

Also. Look at how expensive that blue line is...

The pens had massive issues with SCORING in their second half of the season especially from their bottom 6. So your soliution is to bring in a guy who had 4 points and ZERO goals with the Flames and then inject him into the top 6? I like Jarnkrok too but like... I dont really know if thats the solution. Take the money you gave Bear and Jarnkrok and use it to bring in a better 2nd Line LW who can actually score...

Then there is issues with your AAVs on some people. I dont think Rodrigues comes back that cheap (although I do agree thats what hes worth). Then you overpay for Desmith too...

I dont mind the AAVs on Geno or letang those are fine

I dont even hate this team it just fits weirdly. Look at the Pens last year. Expensive but capable blue line. No depth scoring. So your plan is to further dig the blueline into a hole (financially), and then weaken the scoring? Idk...</div></div>

We already have 3 capable wingers that can score, Guentzel, Rust and the newest and welcome addition, Rakell.
E-Rod, Heinen, Jarnkrok can slot in on any line. Jarnkrok, IMO, is somewhat of an upgrade over Zucker. He’s a combination of both Tanev and ZAR. I feel like he’d fit perfectly with the Pens.
I was also thinking of not signing Letang in favour of Lyubushkin, who’d be much cheaper. Marino, Bear, and Lyubushkin as the righty’s. But the D looks solid as is, last minute choice things lol
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