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19 mars 2019
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For Alexis Lafreniere, I think New York would what Martin Necas. Yes I know Carolina wouldn’t do it then, and Necas is better, but Necas is older, has been in the league for way more years, and Necas gets more minutes a night (16:45) to Lafreniere (13:31). Necas is a good right winger that is, and will be an absolute beast in the NHL! His best season is 41 points in 53 games played. He is a good right shot player, with a good 2-way game. He is 22, and Lafreniere is 20. He plays more minutes, and with better players. First rounders are weird right in their first period, as Kappo Kakko, and Jack Hughes had bad seasons when they first came over. I believe Lafreniere will still be a good player in the NHL given the chance. The Rangers have never been good in developing prospects, especially forward prospects. And with only good player Kakko on the Rangers right side, they could use Necas. With Lafreniere gone, they can put Barclay Goodrow on the third line spot where Lafreniere was. Of course the Rangers would have to add, as Necas is already proven, even though he plays more minutes, plays with better players, and is two years older. This benefits Carolina too, because they can let Niederreiter walk, or sign him and place him on the third line, and give Lafreniere a legitimate chance in the NHL on a good team! The Rangers would probably have to add a first round pick. With Necas helping their top 6, this shouldn’t be a top 10 pick, because he would help them more than Lafreniere with this season, in a position of need. I think it’s definitely an interesting concept, and I would like to know if either team does this. I doubt Carolina does it, as they love Necas, but you never know. The trade:


Martin Necas


2022 first round pick (NYR)
Alexis Lafreniere