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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>GiggywithGibby</b></div><div>Wouldn't be trading for him so much as allowing him to be dumped here. However, Vatrano was brought in for much more than his ~20 goals a season. He was brought in because he is a guy who made it in the show largely due to his work ethic, and is trying to impart that high compete, never give up attitude on the kids in Anaheim. McTavish appears to be learning the lesson the fastest out of all of them.

We can park Petry's contract, providing he is willing to go to Anaheim, but Pitt fans really need to stop trying to trade for Gibson, he is staying in Anaheim for the foreseeable future. Pitt can go sign Freddy Anderson or see if Vegas wants to dump Lehner's contract, when he was healthy he was playing quite well.</div></div>

Vatrano is doing great! It’s good that the younger guys are doing well with him. I like Vatrano’s game, and personally wouldn’t trade him at all, and if the young guys can do better with him, then that would be awesome for Anaheim.

If you don’t mind having Petry then you can get him if Pittsburgh wants to trade him, but I wouldn’t. I’ve never been a huge fan of him, and believe Drysdale could play the PP, or even resign Shattenkirk if necessary. I agree about Gibson. He isn’t getting moved, and he still is a good goalie. The only way I see him getting traded, is if it is a massive overpay and I mean massive! His 4 years on his deal makes it that much better! I believe he would do well on any good team, and when Anaheim is good, he will do way better.
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