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Forum: Armchair-GM25 mai 2021 à 10 h 21
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Tjm220</b></div><div> The fact every single Minnesota AGM sees him coming to Buffalo means you think he’s garbage so we think he’s garbage too, or you wouldn’t be trading him away. I have yet to see any argument why Minnesota wouldn’t want to trade him. That’s probably because he’s a $4 million third line center That buffalo wouldn’t need because Casey Mittelstadt is already a better one.”</div></div>

We need to move cap. Plain and simple. Like Raz said, if he was paid $2 million, you wouldn't see almost anybody complaining about his play. The reason he's usually thrown in these deals is because we can't just magically add a $10 million cap hit without money going back. Realistically, the trade isn't going to involve 4 low salary guys and futures. The math just doesn't work out. That's why you see Dumba and Rask put in there so often. They both provide some value while also making the cap work. The idea of "well just go trade them somewhere else to clear cap because it's not our problem" is a lazy take. Look at nearly any trade for a high profile player. There's almost always either salary retained or a contract sent back for the purpose of balancing the cap. Both Rask and Dumba would likely hurt us the least to lose when you factor in the value of the cap space that trading them would open up. Plus, Rask only has 1 more year on his contract so it's not like we're trying to saddle you with Skinner's $9 million for 6 more seasons.

Also, I get that you're frustrated that your team is perpetually rebuilding and can't get into wildcard contention which means you want an absurd return for Eichel, but realistically, when a player wants out, you lose a bit of leverage in trade negotiations. There's no way in hell that you are going to be able to pry Eriksson Ek, Ross, and Fiala from us in addition to two 1st round picks. That's a one sided fantasy that actually makes the Wild worse long term. Eriksson Ek is our only center I could honestly see playing on the 2nd line of a team with actual center depth and he will very likely get Selke votes this year. Rightfully so, Guerin loves him and wouldn't want to be moving him. If we traded him for Eichel, we'd still only have 1 high quality center which means we are largely in the same spot we're in right now. At least we have reinforcements in the pipeline, right? Nope, because you just took our top center prospect in Rossi. He's is arguably our top prospect and definitely our only center prospect who is reasonably close to seeing time in the NHL. Khusnutdinov has another year in the KHL then may require additional time in Iowa so he's of no use right now. All our other center prospects either project to be bottom 6 guys or aren't ready to help next year. When it comes to Fiala, part of why he's so valuable is because having him in the lineup pulls some attention away from Kaprizov and spreads out the opponent's defense (can't hard match both) and opens up more scoring opportunities. Losing him likely also hurts Kaprizov. Add in 2 picks in the first round and not only are you taking away players that contribute for us now (Eriksson Ek and Fiala), and a player who will hopefully contribute soon (Rossi), but you're also cutting into our future by taking our 2 first round picks. That's a hell of a lot of mortgaging the future hoping that Eichel can be the savior and the 1 piece keeping us from getting the cup. It really wouldn't be worth it because the trade 100% favors Buffalo.
Forum: Armchair-GM24 mai 2021 à 18 h 33
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Riley816</b></div><div>If Beniers is really a future #1C the Sabres wouldn't trade him for 2 years of Dumba...</div></div>

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>iAce</b></div><div>They are getting another D to pair with Dahlin, move back in this years first round and can sign him to a long term deal as their #2 d man. Beniers isn't a fit if they keep Eichel and Reinhart. Beniers is more of a 2 way center and won't put up the fantasy numbers Eichel does.</div></div>

Exactly, Beniers is around the same talent level as either Rossi or Cozens. Buffalo needs a Kent Johnson type player more than another potential 2C, especially if Eichel gets moved. They already have Cozens to fulfill that future role, getting more of the same at this point is just redundant.

They'll be in prime position to pick one of Wright, Lambert, or Savoie in 2022. In 2023 there's either Bedard, or possibly Michkov. That's 5 potential franchise level 1C's they can be in the running for in just the next 3 drafts.

That said, these moves are all pretty bad and everyone likely says No.

Buf definitely says No.

Wild definitely say No as well. Wild fans in particular just need to really get over this obsession they have with Tuch. Enough already, it's time to move on, as it's well past time they did. And for as much as I love Fluery, being a Pens fan too, the cost is absolutely not worth it. I would much rather have Talbot and his current contract 100 times out of 100 over Flower's any day of the week, no question.

Detroit says No, we're not getting that kind of return back for Rask.

Finally, if came down to it and we did have that drafting spot I would still go after Kent Johnson over Beniers for much the same reason as Buffalo would. He's just a more offensively gifted playmaker than Beniers and also has the higher ceiling to boot.

I think you're getting a little ahead of yourself thinking that Beniers is a 1C and Rossi isn't. Rossi is just as good defensively if not better outright, better at faceoffs, and is a higher skilled playmaker than Beniers. They're both viewed as low ceiling, high floor prospects. Both have floors as high-end 2C's, and are considered to have ceilings of low-end 1C's.

In this regard, Rossi stands a better chance of becoming a legitimate 1C over Beniers simply because of his offensive creativity and general vision on the ice and his hockey sense and IQ. Beniers is close, but Rossi's better.
Forum: Armchair-GM23 mai 2021 à 15 h 37
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Forum: Armchair-GM23 mai 2021 à 6 h 19
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>ModanoisCool</b></div><div>Samsung 8. From at &amp; t

Also can you put it in simple terms for me to understand. I could look it up but too confusing

What is touchboard sensitivity, &amp; how do you find this?

See like when I type word this , it's turns to thus, or another word before I can notice.

How do I make sure it's on English?

I am good at fixing TVs &amp; computers but suck at anything cellphone related. Like now when I was typing sucks, another word like such , &amp; suks came up. This is what always happens with auto correct</div></div>

Well, the fact you're using an Samsung 8 will actually make this much easier. It's old, but not too old. Nothing should be too different than what I'm using now. It's only a difference of 4 generations, but the methodology and system settings hasn't changed much during that timespan.

I first started with a Samsung S9 after switching over from my old Nokia Windows Phone, but that S9 was pretty much no different than your 8... Given they were just a single generation apart. And after having to replace my S9 last year with my current S20. They're still more or less the same phone.

Just newer with a couple added features that the older ones lacked.

With that out of the way. Onto the technical side of things.

1) Your touchboard sensitivity is directly related to your cellphones texting keyboard. It's the setting that controls how sensitive your inputs are when you type. A higher setting means you require less pressure from your finger to get the keyboard to register what you pressed. A lower setting, therefore is the opposite, and requires <em>more</em> pressure from your fingertips.

Using a lower setting can somewhat deter accidental button pressing whenever your typing fast.

2) Some Samsung phones have the ability to switch between different languages while texting, mainly so that people can use both if they're bilingual or want to use character letters specific to that language.

IE... àâáãä

So on and so forth. The quickest way to tell if this is active is to look at your space bar. If it's blank, you probably don't have any other languages active or don't have that functionality. If it says English (US) and has arrows to either side of it, like so &lt; &gt;. Then you have multiple languages active, if it says something different your already in a different language.

The keyboard will also switch around some, if it's in a different language too. Say if it's in French, where the Q normally is there'll be an A instead. Just under the number 1.

3) There are two different ways to get to your keyboard settings. One long, one short. I'll provide both, just in case you don't have the shorter one or if there is a difference in features.

Short way: Look just under your keyboard and you should have your three main button options, your window tab button, home screen button, and the down arrow to remove the texting keyboard. There should also be a 4th option with your keyboard up, it should look like a mini-keyboard symbol. Tap it, and it should give you the option to choose your imput method, one of which will be Samsung Keyboard and there will be a little gear symbol next to it.

Tap on that gear symbol, and it should take you right where you need to go.

Long way: Go to your phones settings, scroll down to where it says General Management, click on that. Then select Samsung Keyboard Settings.

4) Start playing around in there, most of it is strait forward, but the best way to learn is to turn stuff on and/or off and figuring out what does what.

I would suggest trying to turn off *Predictive text* as that might be your culprit.

Good Luck! I'm sorry this was so long, but I hope it helps you.
Forum: Armchair-GM21 mai 2021 à 23 h 17