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Sujet: Big Moves
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>ChiHawk</b></div><div>He was out for almost a month last year with injury as well, when he came back, the coach put him on wing and the results were terrible. He moved him back to center mid February and was producing back at .75ppg, same as he was prior to his injury last year.

It's easy to say a player "sucks" or "is bad", but knowing the context before making those assumptions is only ignorance. Nobody is saying Strome is a 80 point plus center, he's a .70ppg center and has proven that when not injured or when he's playing in his proper position as center. He has his draw backs (speed, lack of defense) but he has a lot of positives (sees the ice as good as anyone in the NHL, big playmaker, good shot and one of the better passers in the league). Glass isn't half full or half empty, it's just reality.

Speaking of reality, I'm not a fan of wanting Greenway, Strome has shown he can produce at a higher rate (ppg) then Greenway has and is a center also which is a more valuable piece. So as far as I'm concerned, please keep him.

Chicago didn't finish last in division obviously, and certainly not last in the league despite your comment. Bottom 12 team sure, for a team that's rebuilding and was supposed to be bottom 5. They exceeding expectations, and they still are the 3rd largest hockey market by revenues, most sellouts in a row, and place players want to be as rarely if ever do you see a player wanting to be traded. Not to mention 3rd youngest team in the league. Knock them all you want, but in your lifetime thus far, Chicago has and will be in the future more successful then Minnesota.</div></div>

Yeah right. Minnesota has been successful despite not winning in playoffs,. Chicago has sucked for how many years?

Minnesota is a way bigger hockey market. Aldo, your comment about Chicago being more success over wild in the future is just absolutely funny, like hilarious

Noone picked wild to be doing what they did this year, &amp; wild far more succeeded expectation than Chicago, &amp; will now. &amp; future also
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>LindyRuffRider</b></div><div>&gt; He has like the cheapest buyout ever this summer with 1 year left, so you are just wrong

His buyout leaves a caphit for this year and next year. Completely getting his contract off the books costs a pick. That's how it works.

&gt; If buffalo fans like yourself think , a team is going to give up two top c prospects for eichel, you are going to be waiting a long time wild aren't going to trade rossi then expect wild will trade / add on another c prospect

Eichel is a top center. Those are never for sale. The only reason why he's available is the perfect storm of mismanagement. You'd be lucky if any of those prospects turn out to be even remotely close to Eichel. You also have 2 first round picks (potentially another with a Dumba trade) to easily add another 2 center prospects.

&gt; Eichel isn't a site thing considering he , doesn't matter what his situation is never brought a team to a playoff like McDavid.

It's a team game if you weren't aware. Eichel doesn't play goaltender or defenceman. He's also not in control of the coach. Even someone at the level of McDavid playing with another MVP can't make it out of the first round. People said the same thing about ROR in Buffalo.

&gt; Eichel is also in need of neck surgery, &amp; no one knows the severity of his injuries, &amp; how long or if he will recover

People are well aware of his injury. It's a neck herniation. A common injury in athletes. It has a high success rate and low re-injury rate</div></div>

I am sure you thought the same thing of kaprizov as a prospect also right?

Your statement about prospects are just factually incorrect. At one time, Joel Eriksson Ek was a prospect, so you can't say that wild would be lucky if they turned out to be anything

So according to you a top 10 pick like Marco rossi won't turn out to be anything? According to you, Alexander khovanov who was selected before kaprizov would turn out to be nothing

If you are going to make that statement then you are saying it about every prospect
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